20 Amazing Geothermal Facts

Geothermal Energy facts

Many people search the web about the benefits of geothermal energy every day. Geothermal truly has a lot of benefits. Its affordable, clean and a sustainable form of energy resource. You can also read about the Major Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy later as well.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Let’s first look at what geothermal energy means. As the name ‘geothermal’ suggests, ‘geo’ means earth, whereas ‘thermal’ means heat. So geothermal is basically extracting the heat from the core of the earth. It has many uses such as, cooling, bathing, heating and therapeutic applications. Below are 20 interesting facts about geothermal energy.

20 Facts of Geothermal Energy

1. Geothermal is a natural renewable resource of energy

Geothermal is one of the renewable resources, renewable resources can replenish itself and can run till the end of time. Geothermal qualifies for such a resource since it originates from the internal heat of the earth.

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2. Increasing worth of Geothermal Energy

By the end of 2020, geothermal industry would have a worth of at least $30 billion dollars. It is gathering pace very quickly due to the shift to green sources of energy and due to its enormous potential of generating energy.

3. Geothermal Heat pumps have very long Lifespans

Geothermal heat pump systems come with impressive warranties as almost all of them come with warranties of over 25 years. The components inside can work up to 25 years whereas the ground loop has a working life of more than 50 years.

4. Geothermal has widely spread in Europe

25% of Europe’s electricity production is produced by geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is embraced in many nations such as the Netherlands, Germany and many more.

5. Geothermal goes back to Roman times

In the UK, the geothermal energy trapped underground is being used since the roman times through hot springs for bathing spread around the country. Since the roman times, the British have been exploring many cities for geothermal energy and benefiting from such projects.

6. Geothermal has incredible potentials

Many people trap the geothermal heat for many reasons including bathing; as it provides hot water for swimming pools and therapeutic functions. However, that is far less as compared to its use to harness energy for the generating of electricity and to heat and cool homes.

7. Majority of Iceland is powered by Geothermal

Geothermal is the main source of producing electricity in Iceland. It has many vast natural geothermal energy locations. 26% of its electricity is generated through geothermal energy whereas 87% of the homes in Iceland are heated by it.

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8. The United States takes the lead in most Geothermal Heat Pumps installed!

Most of the heat pumps of geothermal energy are installed in the United States. Every year, there are 60000 new geothermal heat pumps installed.

9. The meaning of the word ‘Geothermal’

Geothermal has been derived from two Greek words; geo which means earth, and thermal which means heat.

10. Geothermal is spread world-wide

More than 20 countries produce geothermal energy worldwide. In 2020 it was recorded, geothermal power produced 12.8 gigawatts worldwide, which is a great improvement when compared with last year.

Geothermal energy facts

11. Largest Geothermal Plant in the World is located in California

Geysers Complex is the largest geothermal plant in the World, which is located in the Mayacamas Mountains, 72 miles north from San Francisco, California.

12. Geothermal Reservoirs are easy to find!

A wide range of techniques is used by geologists to pinpoint exact locations of geothermal reservoirs. The methods to find out geothermal reservoirs include; magnetics, seismic noise, microwave radiometry and satellite imagery.

13. The oldest Geothermal concept

A stone pool which is located at Lisan Mountain in China is the oldest spa which traps the waters from the hot springs and makes a warm natural pool to go for swimming and reaxing. It is said that the oldest spa at the Lisan Mountain was built in the 3rd century BC.

14. How Iceland uses Geothermal

Iceland utilizes its hot water from geothermal power plants and runs it in areas under the roads and pavements which help to melt ice over the roads. Other than this, 90% of Iceland’s homes are heated by geothermal heat.

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15. Geothermal is the energy of the future

By 2050, the US geothermal energy will contribute 10% to the World’s energy. As geothermal is considered the third largest renewable source, the future of geothermal is great.

16. Geothermal goes deep down

The heat which is trapped for the geothermal energy occurs 4000 miles below the surface within the core of the earth and the temperature there can reach up to 5000 degrees.

17. Activity of Geothermal

Many believe that geothermal energy is a limited resource but the expected lifespan of geothermal activity ranges from 5000 to a million years, which makes it a renewable resource.

18. Italy produced the First Geothermal Power Plant

First plant of geothermal energy was set up in 1904 in Larderello, Italy. This geothermal plant is still operational. At that time it successfully lit four bulbs which was a huge achievement at that time.

19. Geothermal energy generation is incredibly safe

Since geothermal energy does not involve any form of fossil-fuel or chemical consumptions and absolutely no release of greenhouse gasses; geothermal energy is considered an environmentally ‘safe’ source of energy generation. The safest technique to heat and cool homes to obtain higher levels of comfort resides just beneath our feet.

20. Cost of setting it up is mostly taken up during drilling

Almost half of the cost for setting up a geothermal power plant is incurred while drilling for it. The whole system of geothermal power plants costs from $20,000 to $25,000, but then again it depends upon your needs/energy demand. For an average household, an average would be $3000 to $8000.

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