10 Most Convincing Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

Solar Panels

Over the past 40 years, the global solar power capacity has gone up from 1 Megawatt in 1975 to higher than 400 gigawatts of power by 2017. You can learn much more about the History of solar energy.

Rest assured, you’ll remember our 10 reasons to go solar when you take a look at your next month’s utility bill.

1. A Free Source of Energy – Available to Everybody!

The best thing about solar energy is that it can be harnessed by any of us and that it is in infinite amounts.

This is because the sun is the single most abundant source of energy that produces 175,000 terrawatts of solar energy each second, which is 10,000 times more than the energy demand of this world today.

One thing you should also know is the fact that solar energy is generated even when it’s cloudy. This is particularly because the photo-voltaic cells in solar panels are dependent upon daylight. Hence, if you live in an area with usually cloudy weather, Doesn’t mean that you will not benefit from Solar Energy.

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2. Saves Money, Lowers Utility Bills!

The most attractive feature of going solar is the amount of money that you save from substantially reduced utility bills. What’s more appealing is that the extra solar energy that your solar system produces is fed back into the grid and you get paid for that as well which is known as net-metering.

The amount that each household saves when going solar is different. This depends upon the energy consumption of your house, the amount of solar energy that your solar system generates (efficiency of the solar system) and availability of tax deductions and incentives from the government for installing solar energy.

Studies show that an average household in the UK saves about
£800 each year by going solar.

3. Solar Energy Generation Doesn’t Pollute The Air We Breathe, My Favorite Reason!

Solar Energy highly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions especially with the reduced use of fossil fuels.

If entire countries were to go solar, it could lead to enormous reduction in pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and many more that cause significant environmental problems like acid rain and health issues such as chronic bronchitis and other respiratory ailments and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Solar Energy is The Key To Fighting Climate Change!

As discussed Solar Panels reduce greenhouse emissions. Reports show that the energy used in making a solar panel is recovered in less than the first year of it’s use.

That was just about the first year. And since solar panels last up to 30 years, that is 29 more years of saving emissions that may have come from utilizing gas and coal.

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5. Solar Energy Leads To Conservation Of Natural Resources

Producing and planting solar systems has a couple environmental impacts as well but they are tiny when compared with the environmental effect of using fossil fuels.

So when comparing solar energy to the energy derived from fossil fuel processes,solar electricity uses up to 90% less water, along with 80% less land, and is 96% less toxic to humans (specifically the mine workers). There is also 95% reduction in acid rain along with 98% reduction in marine eutrophication, which causes algal blooms.

6. Solar Energy Benefits Wildlife

Ofcourse, an obvious reason for solar being beneficial for ecosystems would be reduced greenhouse gas emissions along with a smaller environmental impact as discussed above.

But there is evidence that solar can be very good for nature when talking in terms biodiversity of wildlife in ecosystems.

6. Installing Solar Panels is Easy And Can Be Possible in Any Home.

Today, the solar energy technology has evolved enormously. Solar panels can be installed on roofs, walls of buildings, terraces.

Newer technology involves incorporating these panels in building materials such as glass, imagine how much energy a multi-story glass building could be generating!

A point to note is that you do not need any permission to install these panels, hence, installing them is just a phone call or a click away.

7. Solar Panels Add Value to Your Property

Another reason people usually miss out on is that installing solar panels actually increases the value of your home, especially when you’re looking to rent it out or sell it.

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The demand for solar systems has been ever-increasing, and most new homeowners opt for installing solar systems to reduce their utility bills so an installed properly working system would definitely help sell the place.

This is not just hear-say, a study in California showed that buyers paid $15000 more for a house that had an already-installed averagesized solar system. This research was done by Berkeley Lab.

9. Solar Energy Systems Are Quite Durable.

A selling point of solar energy is that the panels don’t have many moving parts and do not break down very easily, accounting for their durability.

This means after you pay the initial investment and install the solar system in your house, the return on your investment starts right there! Without any more hidden costs!

Solar technology works well day-in day-out and even if something were to happen, the good ones usually have a warranty of above 20 years!

Whenever we think of Solar Energy, the first thing our mind starts imagining is those big solar panels! The solar technology has evolved so much from that now we have lightweight and very compact solar panels which makes them portable.

There is a wide range of solar-based products that use this form of technology and are very helpful when you’re outdoors and do not have an electricity supply to charge your phone or any other electrical device. I have one of those solar chargers too!

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