51 Facts About Air Pollution you should know!

Everybody on earth realizes that air pollution is dangerous to health. The impact of air pollution can harm your health and damage nature. Here you’ll know why air pollution is causing so many deaths worldwide. The impact of air pollution and the alarming figures revolving around this environmental issue are innumerous.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is when the air is contaminated with pollutants. It contains unsafe levels of toxic gasses, residue, vapors and odors.

More on Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

    1.  A normal American inhales about 2 gallons of air in a minute. This adds up to 3400 gallons of air every day.
    2. Breathing polluted air can reduce life expectancy up to 2 years!
    3.  It has impact from as little as irritable eyes, sneezing or coughing to as substantial as breathing issues and death.
    4.  Pollutants released directly into the air are much more destructive than toxins released onto the land or water.
    5. Air Pollution in Beijing has raised to a level that humans over there now have a characteristic disease called ‘Beijing cough’.
    6. Air Pollution has It’s marks on history, as in 1952, The great smog of London caused death of 8000 people.
    7. European Union has paid 160 Billion Euros for deaths in relation to Air Pollution.
    8. Electric Vehicles produce least emissions. There are also some zero-emission cars which are truly good for the environment.
    9. Heavy crude oil Production is much more dangerous to the environment than Light crude oil production, Almost 50% more.
    10. Waiting in Traffic causes Air pollution to an extent that it can raise the chances of death due to heart attack. This was suggested by an article on Air Pollution in the Lancet Journal.
    11. Air Pollution poses greater harm to children because they are small and their lung size is small too.
    12. Deaths due to Air Pollution are at the highest rate in Asia.
    13. The type of Air Pollution that leads to smog causes Black Lung Disease in Dolphins.
    14. Almost 70% of the Air Pollution in cities of China is because of exhaust pipes.
    15. Diesel trucks in Southern California produce emissions that cause people to die before their expected lifetimes.
    16. Travellers and hikers and the Grand Canyon are unable to see the other side of the Grand Canyon just because of Air Pollution. It’s just a 1000 Miles away!
    17. The pollutants released into the Air are much more than pollutants released into both Land and Water.
    18. An ideal way to reduce Air Pollution would be to Walk and Ride Bicycles.
    19. A bus carries 40 people, who, if not for the bus, would be driving 40 cars! More than 20 times the Air Pollution.
    20. One third of the Americans believe that they are affected most by Air Pollution that is caused by cars and planes.
    21. Air pollution can be so diverse that some amount of polluted air in China could possibly end up being on streets of San Fransesco.
    22. Outdoor Air Pollution is one of the Top Ten Murderers in the world.
    23. Almost 70% of the deaths in Asia are due to Air Pollution.
    24. One third of the Population of India (30%) dies due to Air Pollution. 
    25. About 2 Million cars in Manila, Philippines cause as much as 80% of the Air Pollution over there.
    26. Estimates suggest that Air Pollution in India kills half a million (520,000) people each year.
    27. More than 50,000 people die in America because of Air Pollution.
    28. Cars, Trucks, busses and all other vehicles along with planes cause pollution that leads to 80% of the lung diseases.
    29. More than half a million people (650,000) in China die younger than average life expectancy due to Air Pollution.
    30. Analysis report by MIT researchers suggested that Automobiles and Power plants cause enough Air Pollution to kill 15000 British citizens.
    31. In California 25000 people die annually along with $200 million of medical expenses due to  Air Pollution.
    32. Half a million bite the dust each year in China due to heart disease and lung cancer which is strongly related to Air Pollution.
    33. Numerous humans wear a mask over there face to protect themselves from the dangerous impact of Air Pollution.
    34. In 2050, It is suggested that more than 5 Million people will die each year just due to Air Pollution.
    35. In traffic jams, some pollutants can find their way inside your car and then get accumulated in there. These make the indoor air of the car 10 times more polluted than the usual city air.
    36. The California Department of Education suggests that Asthma is a major cause of students not showing up to school. And one of the leading causes of asthma is Polluted Air.
    37. Indoor Air Pollution is almost 5 times worse than outdoor pollution.
    38. People who live in houses near roads with high traffic are bound to be more exposed to Air Pollution. Hence, they suffer with the higher risk of malignancies, heart disease, asthma as well as chronic bronchitis.
    39. Switching to more efficient fuels like Electric induction plates in cook stoves or at least cleaner fuels like natural gas helps reduce indoor air pollution rather than using conventional solid fuels such as wood or biomass.
    40. Orange haze that seems like clouds above cities at times is actually toxic Nitrogen Dioxide.
    41. The emissions from diesel engines are Class 1 Carcinogens.
    42. The best time for you to go out on a walk (alone or with a pet) is early morning because later on the emissions from traffic pollute the air around you.
    43. The numbers of electric cars in the UK have increased about 25 times in the last 4 years.
    44. Plants can filter the pollutants from Air Pollution.
    45. Plants such as peace lilies, English Ivy and Cornstalk Drasaena are plants that can reduce Indoor Air Pollution.
    46. More than 90% of the population lives in nations where levels of air pollution are toxic to humans.
    47. A newer chemical BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a stronger air pollutant which is used to strengthen Plastics.
    48. BPA is a serious issue because our body cannot metabolize the dangerous compound when it is inhaled or absorbed into the skin.
    49. A study has shown that more than 200 pollutants in polluted air have the ability to age skin and make us look older.
    50. Air pollution is strongly related to Attention disorders in children. A few studies suggest that it is because pregnant woman are exposed to polluted air.
    51. One of the lesser known fact is that air pollution is one of the causes of pink clouds.
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    We can achieve much more to add to human satisfaction by following numerous little advances. Riding a cycle, utilizing open transport, consuming less coal on BBQ grills resemble little ways to make it a better environment for the future generations and ourselves. Envision our little demonstrations can do as such much like sparing a large number of humans who die because of malignant growth, heart attack or other air borne illnesses. The figures are unquestionably striking. So let your activity do some demonstration of heroism and make this world a contamination free, more advantageous and a more secure world to live in.

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