Top Ten Most Endangered Trees in the World

Endangered Tree

Most of the people when they think that species are in danger, they think about the species such as big cats (tigers and panthers), elephants, or any other animal. However, in reality all species are endangered in general, from bacteria to plants and animals.

The Top Ten Most Endangered Trees in the World are:

1. Pennantia Baylisiana

This tree is endemic to the Three Kings Island located off the coast of New Zealand. This tree is possibly the rarest specie in the world as it is said to have just one known plant growing in the wild. The remaining last specimen is located on a scree slope in the Northern Great Island.

2. Bois Dentelle

Having just two known specimens in the wild, this tree certainly competes for having the title of the world’s rarest tree. These specimens can be found in the cloud forest of Mauritius. They have a threat by competition from alien species, which also includes Guava commercially grown in the area. Steps are taken to ensure their survival by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Their seeds have begun to grow seedlings in a conservation nursery.

3. Dragon Tree

This tree slowly has become rarer and rarer over time. Although, in ancient times the tree was widespread. It is currently located in Morocco, Madeira, the Cape Verde Islands. Some of them are also located on the Canary Islands. Bushfires and animals such as rabbits and goats are the main threat to these trees as these animals like to eat the dragon tree.

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4. African Baobab Tree

Climate change and human influences are damaging this tree and increasing to do so rapidly. As people clear the forests for farmland and fuel, these trees are cut down during the process. The most threatened of this species is Adansonia Perrieri, which has only 99 known trees remaining. The shrinking habitat is also a threat to them. Therefore, conservative efforts need to be practiced in order to ensure their survival.

5. Monkey puzzle

Monkey puzzle is Chile’s national tree. Fire, grazing, and logging have been the main threats to its destruction. Unfortunately, this tree produces a very high quality of timber which is very expensive. It is native to Argentina and Chile. It can grow around a length of 40 meters which attracts the loggers and the people who harvest trees. The wood that is harvested is used for boats, bridges, building structures because they are straight, long and strong.

6. African Blackwood

Some people argue that the African Blackwood is still common but research shows that its numbers are depleting rapidly. These trees can live up to 200 years and prefer rocky and infertile soil. The main reason for it to be decreasing is by the illegal trade of timber. They are the most beautiful and sought in the world for timber. Although they are spread over 26 different African countries, they will start disappearing if proper action is not taken.

7. Saint Helena Gumwood

In Saint Helena, this was the most common tree. Since the East India Company settled on the Island, these trees have been destroyed in large numbers. For the use of the trees for fuel and building materials they were almost wiped off from the island. A further reduction in their population was seen in 1992 when the Jacaranda bug attacked, killing trees and prompting diseases such as fungal infestations.

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8. Honduras Rosewood

They are found in Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico. The Honduras Rosewood is threatened mainly by habitat loss and heavy logging. The timber obtained by this species of tree is very highly regarded due to its unique purple color. Their population in Belize has suffered the most because of the common practice of slashing and burning of agriculture.

9. Clanwilliam Cedar

Previously known as Widdringtonia Cedarbergensis, This tree is endangered by its slow regeneration and largely due to its huge lifespan. It can live up to around 1000 years and won’t be able to produce seeds until it’s 30 years old. They are one of the most iconic trees located in South Africa. It provides high quality wood and is very tall due to which it is logged.

10. Loulu

Located in Hawaii, it is one of the most iconic trees over there, but unfortunately almost going extinct in the wild. There are just 300 samples of the remaining wild specimens. However, they are a popular garden plant and are easily grown in nurseries, which is why there is little danger to them of becoming completely extinct from this world.

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