Global warming: definition, causes, consequences and more

Melting Glaciers-Global warming Effects

As the name itself suggests, Global warming is basically the heating of the earth.

Now this may seem trivial at first as to how earth being heated can be a dangerous thing but changing a entire planets temperature can have various consequences.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants popularly known as greenhouse gases, are the cause of global warming.

These gases come out your cars of the big grey smoke you see coming out of factories. However, to be specific, they emerge from the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy.

Fossil fuels are basically carbon compounds from which items like petrol and gas are made, that power up your car or are the reason for electricity running in your house.

After you burn them, they emit greenhouse gases which rise up all the way up to the atmosphere and trap sunlight that usually rebounds from the earths surface.

Now the real setback is the life of these gases, which can last up to centuries.

Now imagine two billion tons of CO2 being produced every year and then staying until the next year where two more billion tons are added and the cycle continues.

Does this not sound scary? That is exactly what we need to take into account and work on.  

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