What is Environment?

What is Environment?

What do you see when you look through your window? That is your environment.

The environment is everything around you, it can be living or non-living things both and it is the environment that lets us humans live on earth.

From the trees to the sky, the mall building to your own house; they all consist of the environment.

However, the environment is divided into two parts, namely artificial and natural.

Artificial is the one we humans make and it consists of non-living things for example buildings, roads, malls and etc.

While on the other hand is the natural one which consists of living things like humans, wildlife, forests, climate and even microorganisms which is the environment we want to save.

Natural and Artificial environment

The picture shows the two forms of environment distinctively. The house represents the artificial environment built by us, and the trees (hopefully a forest) behind represents your natural environment.

Go ahead and share a picture of your environment. We’ll tell you what you can do to make it better, in terms of saving the environment!

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