Why Is Recycling Important?

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What is Recycling?

There is no denying the fact that we live in a consumer driven society that produces waste. Now we could do wonders for the environment if we make recycling a habit and part of our lives.

Recycling is a process that works on utilizing the things we dispose of and making them into new items. It ensures that it saves all the energy and raw materials it can save that were used in the making of the product and nothing is wasted.

It ensures that it saves all the energy and raw materials that manufacturers use in making the product. Recycling aims for zero waste.

When recycling becomes a habit, it becomes a lifestyle change and we tend to go more eco-friendly with the things around us.

What is the Importance of Recycling?

In order to become a responsible human being and take care of our planet Earth, recycling is very important. We are bound to leave this planet safe and sound for the upcoming generations..

Nothing is better than making new things from the old ones which are of no use to us. If you are a person who does not discard things and tries to use them, then you are recycling.

We are quite familiar with the term “sustainability”. One of the rules of sustainability is recycling and it is the one that is most in the limelight!

In today’s world, any product that factories make must have the ability to break down in an organic way. This is so because people may reuse it if possible, or recycle it into some other thing. If this is not made possible, then the product will only end up in a landfill and stay alive for the rest of its existence.

In contrast, we can use recycled materials again and again to make new products. Thus by recycling we prevent the things we use from ending up in landfills.

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From Waste to Recycled Products

Waste is one of the main things that we should always recycle or else it will end up destroying the environment we live in. Global warming is on the increase and waste plays a part in further enhancing it through emitting greenhouse gases.

The waste that we do not or cannot recycle later spreads air pollution, and water pollution, and puts lives of the living organisms at risk. Fortunately, we have the option of recycling and getting saved from all the destruction that waste can cause.

Moreover, waste has a very negative impact on the animals and their habitats. Waste causes the loss of natural habitats contributing to global warming and climate change. When living organisms lose their natural habitats, they tend to starve and die.

Furthermore, sometimes recycling means reusing the already used material which means we do not need new raw material. The extraction of raw materials from the forests is damaging to our environment. Recycling proves to be beneficial for both forests as well as the environment.

In addition, energy usage is also a reason why recycling is so important. When we use raw materials to manufacture things, it uses a lot of energy. On the other hand, if we skip using new raw materials for new things and recycle the old raw materials, we can save a lot of energy.

Importance of Recycling Plastic

Plastic is a material that destroys the beauty of land through it being a solid waste that we humans spread. However, plastic recycling is possible and we should definitely make it a habit to recycle it.

As a solid waste, when plastic ends up at landfill sites, it does not decompose as it is not a bio-degradable material. Because it is non-biodegradable, it does not break down easily in an organic manner.

Humans are the main culprits of plastic waste and dispose of 30 million tons of plastic every year. We tend to consume the product and then throw it away without thinking about the consequences.

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There have been so many advancements now; many public places have recycling bins, hence, we should always throw the waste in a recycling bin. Especially, the plastic bottles that are a part of our everyday use.

It comes as a shock to many people who hear that plastic takes up to 500 to 1,000 years to break down. This is why more and more awareness is being created about the importance of recycling.

When we cannot get rid of the material naturally, then we should keep on using it by recycling it into something new. It is more convenient this way plus we will be able to save our environment.

Importance of Recycling Metal Products

When we cannot get rid of the material naturally, then we should keep on using it by recycling it into something new. It is more convenient this way plus we will be able to save our environment.

One amazing recycling fact is that recycling metal products can reduce global warming by up to 500 million tons. This is because recycling cuts harmful emissions that go up in the sky and damage the environment.

Scrap metal is a great alternative to ‘new’ metal as it reduces mining waste by 97%. Scrap metal is also reported to use less water than the normal metal.

Additionally, scrap metal also makes you save up a lot of energy. When you use scrap metal in replacement of new metal, you save 92% of energy for aluminum, 90% for copper, and 56% for steel. How great is that? Nowadays major steel companies do use scrap to produce top class steel. One such company is Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.. You can find a review about this company here.

The companies which make a separate recycling department to recycle waste materials, create more jobs.

Instead of sending the waste into a landfill where it stays for years, it is better to recycle it and save the planet. And while doing so, creating job opportunities for people and improving the economic state of the country.

The recycling industry generates about $236 billion per annum and creates about 56000 jobs. This is according to a study reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency. There is no doubt that it stimulates the economy of the country.

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Importance of Recycling Paper

Recycling is the need of the times

On its own, recycling materials brings us nothing but benefits. Recycling paper also helps us save energy, reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases, and ends up conserving these important natural resources.

Paper waste also ends up in a landfill and just sits there until it decomposes. Paper is easily recycled which is why it is vital to recycle it. Do not send it to the landfill and make it overcrowded.

There should be space left in the landfills for the unrecyclable materials. Hence, we should avoid dumping paper into the landfills.

According to a datasheet of MIT( Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one ton of paper recycled saves 17 trees and about 7,000 gallons of water. Also, it saves energy of about 4,000 kilowatts. This much energy is more than enough to light up an average house in the United States for up to six months.

Importance of Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard is a sturdy material that is generally used for packaging purposes. We throw away most of the packaging boxes when we start using the product, so cardboard waste also ends up in a landfill.

If we start recycling cardboard, we can save a lot of water. Recycling cardboard also reduces carbon emissions. Moreover, there would be space available in the landfills for other materials.

The non-recyclable materials should only go to landfills. People should put the recyclable materials to good use.

Reduction in the cutting down of trees for new cardboard to fulfill the demand is also vitally important. It lessens air pollution. Producing paper or cardboard from one tree releases about 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air.

Recycling also reduces energy consumption by 64% as compared to producing new products. Many states in the United States have banned the disposal of paper, cardboard, and non-waxed cardboard. This is a great initiative from the government in order to protect the environment.

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