How to protect yourself from a heatwave?

Heatwave has been taking many lives recently so it’s better to stay safe. A few things you can do protect yourself from a heatwave are:

If is recommended by the NHS to stay indoors between 11am and 3pm because that is the hottest time of the day.

Keep your rooms cool by closing the windows and placing shades to prevent sunlight from heating up the room. Get good quality light coloured shades or blinds that let the light come through and at the same time block the heat from seeping through.

Open the windows when you feel the air is cooler outside, so it comes in and lowers the Temperature of the air inside.

Find the coolest room/spot at your place. Rest there when it feels as if weather is warming up.

Sleep on cotton sheets as they are cooler and breathable, removing your sweat quicker than you can produce it.

Use a fan and keep frozen water bottles nearby which will be an added affect to the fan in cooling the room.

Although hosepipes are banned in some nations, water is your best friend in hot weathers.

Take a bath or shower with cool water and you can splash your face with cool water during the day. A better method would be to soak a tissue (recycled tissue preferred) in cold water and run it on the skin of your face. But please try to save water, because it is very necessary to do so, here’s why.

Remember to drink enough water regularly and keep a filled cold water bottle with you.

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So there you go that’s what I have for you right now, updating soon!

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