What is a heatwave And what causes a heatwave?

What is a heatwave?

A heatwave is specific periods of extremely hot weather often associated with high humidity in countries with oceanic climates. A heatwave can last for a few days before the weather gets better so it’s better to be safe. Go ahead and learn how to protect yourself from a heatwave.

What causes a heatwave?

A heatwave occurs when a system of higher atmospheric pressure moves into a comparatively smaller area. In this form of system, the air of high pressure present in upper levels of atmosphere moves towards the ground. At this lower altitude, this high pressure air gets compressed and the air temperature increases leading to a heatwave with temperature as high as 40 degree centigrade. This high pressure doesn’t allow winds from different weathers to move into the area and the area keeps on getting hotter. It even prohibits the clouds from coming in and the sun heats up the weather even more.

These factors get together and make the state of the weather very hot which is known as a heatwave.

Know more about how to protect yourself from a heatwave.

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