10+ Amazing Plants that Repel Mosquitos Naturally

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Natural ways are always the best. You do not need to spend money on bug sprays or pesticides in order to get rid of mosquitos. All you need to do is keep plants that repel mosquitos naturally. 

As per Climate Central, due to the temperature rise in the country there is a rise in mosquito-borne diseases as well. There are more than 170 species of mosquitos across America which is very alarming.

One likes to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while sitting in the garden of the house and watch the kids playing. But, with the rise in mosquitos and diseases related to them, people are afraid and it spoils all the fun. 

Following are some of the plants mentioned through which you will be able to repel mosquitoes naturally. You can place these plants in any outdoor area that you like and keep mosquitos away! 

10 Plants that Repel Mosquitos 

1. Rosemary

For a rosemary plant to grow well, it needs a dry corner of the garden where it can get the access of direct sunlight.

You have to let the bush dry out between the watering intervals and as a result, it will provide you with an edible herb and a plant that repel mosquitos. 

It has a unique aroma because of which the insects stay away from it. Rosemary leaves can be rubbed on arms and legs to help keep mosquitos away.

Moreover, if you set the rosemary leaves on fire, the smoke will act as an extraordinary repellent. 

2. Basil

Basil is one of the most amazing herbs that is used widely across the globe. It is a popular ingredient in different cuisines among many cultures. 

Apart from that, it has amazing gardening benefits as well. It attracts bees towards the plant, it works on improvising the flavor of other plants, and it even acts as a natural insect repellent. 

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It has a strong smell which repel bugs and keeps all kinds of insects away from it and its surroundings.

You can also use basil leaves and make a home-made bug spray which will be an effective mosquito repellent. For making it, you mix fresh basil leaves with hot water and vinegar. Then you can put the mixture in a spray bottle and conveniently use it whenever necessary. 

Basil is easy to grow at home. You can also raise basil in your own Hydroponics Garden.

3. Citronella

This plant is a known mosquito-repellent plant and is used in the manufacturing of bug sprays and scented candles. The oil extracted from this plant is applied onto the skin in order to prevent mosquito bites. 

Citronella is an easy to grow plant that does not need a lot of maintenance. It has the ability to survive in a number of different climates as well as soils. 

The plant is often confused with lemongrass because of their similar appearances. We can recognise them through their base stems. Citronella has red or magenta base stems while lemongrass has green. 

4. Lavender

This is surely everyone’s favorite flower! Lavender is a pretty, sweet smelling flower that has excellent mosquito repelling properties.

The key to this is that mosquitos do not like the scents which us humans like. Therefore, makes it easier for us to grow scented plants in order to keep mosquitos away. 

Hence, lavender is one of those great scented flowers that are not liked by mosquitos but adored by humans.

Mosquitos love the smell of carbon dioxide because as we breath, we exhale carbon dioxide and the scent attracts female mosquitos towards it. 

Female mosquitos then feed on our blood through a mosquito bite which they love!

Lavender oil is amazing for the skin and it also helps to keep mosquitos away from you. It also has the power to keep flies and moths away from you. Just use some drops of lavender oil on your hands and feet and there you go! 

5. American Beauty berry

American Beauty berry plant is usually a shrub that is native to southern United States.

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This shrub comes up with white flowers and vibrant purple berries in the form of clusters. It generally produces the fruit in the season of Fall. 

The berries of this shrub are used in the making of wine and jelly. The plants’ leaves are mosquito-repellent. They consist of a chemical known as callicarpenal which is an effective mosquito repellent. 

Moreover, the leaves can be crushed and be used on exposed skin in order to make the mosquitos stay away from you. 

6. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is also one of the scented plants that keep pesky mosquitoes away due to the fact that mosquitos hate its lemony scent.

It contains a compound known as citronellal, which is as effective as the citronella plant in repelling mosquitos. 

Also, lemon balm is a plant that is invasive and spreads really fast. That is why it is recommended to plant lemon balm in pots.

Then place the pots only in areas of your outdoor seating where you wish the mosquitos don’t disturb you. 

7. Catnip 

Catnip is a plant that makes the cats very excited while the mosquitos will try their best to stay away from it. This plant releases an essential oil which is known as nepetalactone.

As it is a natural extraction, it is proven to be more effective in repelling mosquitos than any store bought insect spray. 

The catnip essential oil is very strong, you only need about one-tenth of it and you are good to go!

These plants are one of those who grow really tall which is why be careful to plant them at a spot where it will not block any pleasant view. 

Plus, if you are a dog owner or you are someone who is allergic to cats, then this plant is definitely not for you. You will have to skip planting this mosquito repelling plant.

8. Pennyroyal 

This is a plant which can be toxic to animals as well as humans if too much of its oil is consumed. A pennyroyal plant is a potent specie of mint.

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However, it sure does need a lot of care but once its grown and used carefully, it tends to become a very useful mosquito repellent plant. 

Pennyroyal plants naturally repel mosquitoes and can be planted in any outdoor area where you wish to put them. Their odour is really strong which the mosquitos hate. It acts as a great mosquito deterrent and keeps them away from your outdoor space. 

Generally, all kinds of mint plants are mosquito control plants and are useful in repelling mosquitos. If you do not find a pennyroyal plant, you can go for a peppermint plant. 

9. Lemongrass 

Lemongrass absolutely looks like grass grown in a tall clump on the ground. It has a strong scent which is citrusy, and a strong flavour to it too which makes it a popular cooking ingredient among Asians. 

Pests will do anything to stay away from its fragrance as they can not bear it. Growing lemon grass in your garden will benefit you a lot.

You will have a cooking herb present in your garden which is naturally grown at your home, and it acts as a great mosquito repellent too. 

You can grow lemongrass in full sun any time of the year you like. For an optimum growth, it likes to grow in a moist soil with being fertilised in every couple of weeks.

10. Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus plant can be grown in a pot and kept indoors too if you want mosquitos to not enter inside. It acts as a great mosquito repellent plant and has a nice, strong fragrance to it as well. 

You can easily place it in your backyard, garden, deck, or even patio if you want to keep mosquitos away. 

A eucalyptus plant is native to Australia and does not survive in colder climates. It is best to keep your eucalyptus plant in a pot inside your house so that it is safe and is effective if you live in a cold region. 

Moreover, this plant also needs a full sun with a rich soil to reach its optimum growth. 

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