10 Most Balmy Hawaiian Flowers Only Found In Hawaii

“Yellow Hibiscus, taken in my garden” by Ray in Manila is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

When we talk about flowers and how they come in so many beautiful colors, one can not stop but think about Hawaiian flowers.

Hawaii is famous for its tropical and aromatic flowers as they hold an important stance in its culture.

Visiting the islands of Hawaii and getting welcomed by a garland is something very common there. The garland is commonly known as a Hawaiian lei there.

Hawaii is a state that has an amazing climate with a bright sun and occasional rain which sustains the land.

The flowers of Hawaii are very special due to them being rare. These endangered flowers have unique textures and attractive colors.

10 Different Hawaiian Flowers 

1. Hibiscus 

You can find the hibiscus flower in almost every home, hotel, and public garden on the islands in Hawaii. It is a Hawaiian tropical flower that has many different colors like yellow, orange, red, purple, and even more.

Moreover, Hibiscus tea is well known and has lots of Vitamin C. Hibiscus is one of the 21 types of purple flowers found across the globe.

Yellow hibiscus flower also called Ma’ohauhele in Hawaiian is the state flower of Hawaii. It is exotic, bright, and fragrant reflecting the nature of Hawaii. As a floral symbol of the state, it is the representation of peace and unity.

Despite being so bold and beautiful, the Hawaiian hibiscus flower only lasts up to one to three days. Mostly, they bloom in the morning and the petals close by the end of the day.

The good news is that they are easy to grow which makes the land always cherish the beauty of this Hawaiian flower.

Hibiscus plants love to grow under the bright sun and they easily adapt to the changing climate of Hawaiian islands.

2. Plumeria 

Plumerias are the ones that are usually used in the making of garlands (leis) in Hawaii. It is the Hawaiian culture to welcome people with garlands.

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It is a tradition in Hawaii to hang the used garland from a tree or bury it.

The Plumeria flower is fragrant which makes it very pleasant to be around. They light up the gardens and walkways with their presence and the amazing scent.

The sweet scent has soft notes of cotton candy and rose.

Apart from that, they look very decent with their soft and foamy petals.

To grow a plumeria plant, you need to be careful because plumeria plants need well-drained soil and a very little amount of water.

Plumeria plants are not large, they can be a shrub and grow into a small tree. Nothing more than this.

3. Orchid

 One of the prettiest flowers in Hawaii is the Orchid flower. When we mention tropical flowers, orchids surely grab a spot there!

Orchid plant is easy to grow when attached to a large tree trunk. That is a great habitat for it to grow well in.

People use these flowers for various purposes like floral arrangements, leis, and even as decorative items for food.

For growing well, the orchid plants do not need full sun but do need well-drained soil. They also require a good amount of water for the flowers to bloom beautifully.

They get bigger if attached to the large tree trunks and get nourished from rain and air.
Orchids also play an important role in any flower arrangement.

4. Heliconia 

Heliconia flowers are also one of the most captivating tropical flowers of Hawaii. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and one could never get tired of them.

Plants of Heliconia flowers are bold and vibrant with huge banana-shaped leaves which makes them very showy.

For growing, the Heliconia plants need well-drained soil and enough amount of water. They need neutral growing conditions and may not adapt to the changing climate.

The beautiful flower blooms from spring to summer but the plants still look presentable throughout the year even without the flowers.

When growing this plant in your garden you will have to ensure that they get plenty of space and direct sunlight. When they start growing, they take up a lot of space and have aggressive growth.

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5. Bird of Paradise 

Also known as the crane flower, the bird of paradise flower comes in many different shades of orange, blue, and other rainbow colors.

The leaves are blueish-green in color with spikes and a red midrib.

What makes it a great indoor plant is its size. The Bird of Paradise plant grows up to 4-5 feet long with a width of 2-3 feet.

People use these flowers in fresh floral arrangements as they are excellent cut flowers.

Bird of Paradise plants are also easy to grow plants. For their best growth, you need to give them fertile, loamy, and well-drained soil under a full sun.

6. Anthurium 

Anthurium flowers are lovely flowers due to their heart-shaped petals with a center stamen. The second name for this flower is flamingo.

Petals of these flowers are glossy and they come in a wide range of colours from reds to pinks to corals and many more.

Very popular is the Obake Anthurium grown only on the islands of Hawaii. The vibrant color makes it a stand-out flower amongst the others in a garden.

The ideal condition for the best growth of an anthurium plant is a partially shaded area and even a pot. These are non-fussy plants so the gardener will not find it difficult to plant them.

7. Gardenia

Another flower with a nice tropical fragrance is the Gardenia flower. There are so many gardenia flowers all over the islands in Hawaii which make the gardens smell so fresh and pleasant.

Gardenia plants grow fragrant flowers which are very commonly found in hotels, parks, home gardens, and many other places in Hawaii.

Gardenias love the full sun and like to be grown in well-drained soil. You need to water them often to get the beautiful blooming flowers that delight your garden. Moreover, they are pest-free and you look after them with ease.

8. Jasmine 

Jasmine is among the scented flowers which make the place smell really nice. Wherever they are planted, they create a beautiful ambiance.

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Pikake Jasmine flower is one of a kind which symbolises romance and is a traditional bridal flower in Hawaii. 

Pikake means ‘peacock’, Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii loved peacocks and this is how the pikake jasmine got its name.

In addition, it is also used widely in the making of oils and perfumes due to its amazing scent. The scent is what makes the island in Hawaii memorable. 

There are many varieties of Jasmine flowers. Some are easy to grow and some might require a lot of care and attention. 

9. Bromeliad

Bromeliads come in many types which makes it difficult for the gardener to choose which one to go for. There are so many different choices of colors and leaf patterns that make the garden eye-catching.

You are sure to find the bromeliad flowers all over the islands in Hawaii.

This plant is very easy to grow as it adapts to all types of weather conditions and is a perfect tropical plant.A partially shaded area is best for its nourished growth with well drained soil.

One problem with the bromeliad plants is that they are the breeding grounds for mosquitos. This can cause a nuisance in your garden unless treated. University of Florida publication gives more information on Bromeliads and mosquitos. It also gives some tips on mosquito control in Bromeliads.

10. Passionflower 

Lilikoi is another name for a passionflower. These plants give you a delicious fruit which is famous worldwide.

The shape of the flower is very unique and its distinctive features make it one of a kind in a garden.

In order to grow a passionflower plant in your garden, you need to plant it with strong support. A fence or a large trunk is suitable for planting this plant.

It is also an aggressive plant that flourishes as it grows and gets established but in return gives you a very tasty fruit.

People use Passionfruit to make many dishes and desserts on the islands as well as globally. Also, you can eat it raw, tastes amazing!

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