Climate Change; Does 2° Celsius really make a difference?

Overflow emission of greenhouse gases which trap heat and result in global warming resulted in the earth’s temperature to increase about 2oC. This may seem like a very small amount but the after-effects of this climate change are numerous.

Firstly, and foremost the climate will change and we will be experiencing hotter and dryer summers.

Each one-degree increase could mean up to 10 percent less rainfall during the Mediterranean, southwest North American and southern African dry seasons. If there is less rainfall and increased heat that would automatically result in more droughts which would hinder agriculture as crops would die and become difficult to grow. Crops would wither and soil would harden. Agriculture is the main form of food; no food would cause a direct hit to the world economy.

Now the earth contains a large amount of ice located in the arctic. Ice has a melting point of 0 degrees Celsius and a mere 2 degree change would cause it to melt. Two degrees of change in temperature will lead to an ice-free Arctic and sea-level rise in the tens of meters. All the huge amount of ice would turn into water resulting in an overall increase in sea level causing floods all around the globe on a country wide scale. In addition to that scientists predict other calamities like hurricanes, blizzards and heatwaves to occur more frequently.

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