Easy Tips on How to Save Fuel

Gasoline is one of the non-renewable resources of fuel. Being more efficient will not only save fuel and money for you, but it’s also better for the environment.

Below are few of the well-researched tips to save gas, read a few atleast! A few tips on filling up first then we’ll move onto the drive.


Easy Tips on How to Save Fuel

  1. Fill up your tank Early Morning
  2. Pump gas on Wednesday
  3. Choosing right octane levels
  4. Fill up your tank to quarter of full capacity
  5. Park in Shade
  6. Maintain Your Tires
  7. Keep calm and Drive safe
  8. Use Synthetic Engine Oil

8 Best Tips to Save Fuel

1. Fill up your tank Early Morning

During early cold mornings, underground gas tanks that store fuel are the coolest, so you get exactly the amount of gas you pay for.

However, later during the day, as the temperature rises, gas expands and you get slightly less than what you pay for. This is because what is measured in the pump as one gallon is actually less when it expands.   

2. Pump gas around middle of the week

This is because, as you can imagine, fuel rates rise on Thursdays due to higher demand of fuel over the weekend.

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Hence it’s ideal to pump gas latest by Wednesday morning to save a few dollars AND help the environment!

3. Choosing the right octane level

This is necessary, but according to the Federal Trade Commission, choosing a higher octane level won’t do much other than drive up your costs. 

Be that as it may, you should read your car’s manual first to know what kind of fuel your car needs. If you have a high performance car it may need fuel with a higher octane number.

A low-octane fuel will just result in partially-burned oxides of carbon and nitrogen that are definitely more harmful to the environment.

4. Fill up your tank when it’s at quarter of full capacity

Fuel tank filled at 1/4th, time to fuel up!

This spares you cash since you’re pulling a lighter weight—and gives you adequate time to exploit a deal on the off chance that you spot one.

In any case, don’t hold up until you’re running on vapors to gas up, as this can harm the electric fuel pump.

5. Park in Shade

Did you know that gas evaporates out of your tank continuously?

It doesn’t matter how many degrees it is outside, be it summer or winter, that meter will continue to run towards empty.

The rate of evaporation (losing fuel) is much higher when the car is parked in direct sunlight.

Parking in shade also means you will use less A/C to cool down the interior when you return.

PS: Make sure the seal on your tank is tight! Fuel vaporizes into air fairly quick.

6. Maintain Your Tires

Making sure that the tires are properly inflated and aligned can save up to 3 percent in fuel consumption.

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7. Keep calm and Drive safe

Department of Energy statistics have shown that you pay additional 10 cents per gallon if you drive over 60 miles an hour!

PS: Irregular accelerating and braking can also cost about 50 cents a gallon more!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

8. Use Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic oils are better for your car and the environment

Research suggests that fully Synthetic oils give better mileage to your car along with the highest level of lubrication that maximizes the fuel efficiency of your car.

Higher fuel efficiency means less fuel is utilised for the same distance you travel, thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from your car.

Fully synthetic oils having a better mileage. This means you don’t have to change your oil that often, since discarded oils are hazardous for the environment.

If you have a gas truck (which consume the most fuel), the you should get the following oil:

We will also continue on to look for products that could increase your car’s fuel efficiency and at the same time protect the environment.

In the meantime, to save fuel combine several of these tips for optimum fuel efficiency!

Let us know what you think in comments! Waiting for new and innovative ideas from you to help others out there!

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