7 Terrific Organic Shampoos of 2023


We are living in an era where it is extremely necessary to be careful about the products we use on our skin. Many chemicals added to the products in the manufacturing process damage skin as well as the scalp. The aftermath of using these products is shocking!

As you give importance to your body and take care of your health, it is also best to pay attention to your hair care routine. A shampoo is the most basic thing we all use on our hair. This is why it is the first thing that you should pay attention to.

Conventional shampoos contain a lot of toxic and harmful chemicals which cause damage to the hair in the longer run. Most shampoos leave your hair dry. This happens because your scalp is not getting the natural oils which results in your hair getting dry.

Due to this reason, many companies are coming up with natural and organic shampoos which are chemical-free. They provide your hair with all the necessary nutrients required to become healthy.

Conventional shampoos come in a variety of flavors and fragrances. And they are more readily available than natural shampoos. They may be cheaper than organic shampoos too. But, that does not make them a better choice. They contain a high amount of sulphate which is very damaging to the hair.

Organic shampoo is a shampoo that is made with natural ingredients which come from plants. These plants are grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. An organic shampoo does not contain any synthetic substance so it is safer than a conventional shampoo.

Is Organic Shampoo better for Hair?

Using natural products over artificial or processed ones is generally beneficial for you. The main difference between an organic shampoo and a conventional shampoo is the quality of ingredients being used in its making. It is in essence, natural vs. synthetic!

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Organic shampoos use natural minerals, herbal extracts, and natural oils which bring amazing benefits to the hair. All these natural ingredients are gently infused in our hair follicles which results in shiner, longer, and healthier hair.

Organic shampoos are a great help in treating any skin conditions. An example of this is tea tree oil which caters to dandruff and works on removing it. It also helps your skin with scalp irritation.

Other organic shampoos that make your hair healthy include natural moisturizers such as coconut oil and aloe vera. If you are looking to have shiny hair, then you should get an organic shampoo that has a high shea butter content. You can see Aloe Vera in a pot below :

“Aloe, Aloe, Aloe” by garryknight is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

When getting your organic shampoo, check for glycerin. It is a fatty liquid that moisturizes your hair well. It ensures that all the natural ingredients such as the oils are properly locked and are protected from environmental pollutants.

A plus point about using organic shampoos is that you are taking a part in protecting the environment. This is by draining the biodegradable substances instead of toxic chemicals.

Nowadays, it is very important to go eco-friendly and try to include environmentally friendly and sustainable products in your routine lives. This will help the environment and it can get time to heal itself.

7 Best Organic Shampoos

1. ODACITÉ 552M Soap Free Shampoo Bar

This shampoo bar has a natural eco-friendly formula. It is a solid shampoo as it is a soap whereas most shampoos are in a liquid form. It is great in quality and results in salon-like healthy hair.

The good part is that it is made up of all-natural and organic ingredients such as argan oil, gator oil, and cupuacu butter which are nourishing for your scalp and leave your hair shiny and healthy. It has an amazing smell because of the orange and coconut oil in its formula. It is more towards a tropical scent.

When using this shampoo, it does not leave the user with a residue. Instead, it hydrates the hair. If you use this shampoo bar a couple of times a week, it will last you for months. It retails for $29 all over the United States.

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2. Acure Curiously Clarifying Shampoo

Acure is a known brand that makes pocket-friendly organic hair care products. This is an exceptional shampoo that is suitable for all hair types. It is sulfate free and does not contain formaldehyde, dyes, or parabens.

It clarifies the hair if there is any excess product sitting on the hair and it does this by keeping the scalp and the strands moisturized.

Argan oil is an essential oil that is added to it and is a great source of hydration. As for the scent, it has a refreshing lemongrass scent. Plus, it is a cruelty-free product! It retails for about $21 for 12 FL. OZ. bottle throughout the United States.

3. WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Apple cider is a renowned liquid that does wonders for the skin. This shampoo is also one of those which contain raw and natural ingredients which includes the Himalayan apple cider vinegar. It is like a reset for the scalp and the hair overall

This shampoo protects the color of your hair as it removes the build-up and any color-dulling minerals. Sometimes the water quality also damages the hair but this shampoo will help you stay safeguarded. Therefore, when nothing will affect your hair, your hair will remain shiny.

Moreover, this shine shampoo also contains palmetto which is a plant-based extract. It does great things for the scalp like promoting healthier growth of the hair. It retails for $9 (300ml) and is easily available with the retailers.

However, do not use this shampoo if you have a sensitive scalp.

4. Reverie Shampoo

One of the best-rated organic shampoos is the Reverie shampoo. It is definitely on the pricier side but is excellent at its job. No matter what the hair type or texture is, it works well on it. Be it straight hair, curly hair, or coarse hair, this shampoo will give you the expected results.

It is a natural shampoo that is free of sulfate, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. It contains sustainable substances and botanical ingredients such as amino acids extracted from almonds to strengthen hair strands.

Due to the presence of various essential oils, it has a sweet and lovely scent. The price of this shampoo is $38 (250 ml).

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5. Native Almond & Shea Butter Strengthening Shampoo

This shampoo is the best natural shampoo that is readily available at any drugstore. This brand makes the best organic products. This shampoo has a total of 10 clean ingredients which are detailed at the back of the shampoo explaining their importance.

Apart from a strong strengthening content, this shampoo also moisturizes and gives volume to the hair. Also, the scent of the shea butter is to die for! This shampoo retails for only $10(487ml).

6. 100% Pure Kelp & Mint Volumising Shampoo

Even if you have good, fine hair, you should still use natural shampoo to maintain their health. This is because conventional shampoos have a lot of toxic chemicals and if they ever left any residue, your hair will be negatively affected.

Natural hair as well as color-treated hair need a good shampoo which do not contain sulfates.

Residue in your hair can leave your hair looking greasy and result in hair loss, affecting your hair growth. This shampoo properly cleanses your hair and leaves no product behind. It is also a great shampoo to boost limp hair with all-natural ingredients.

The kelp and mint in the shampoo invigorate and boost the roots of your hair. All the organic ingredients present in the shampoo are certified and have a gentle formula. This toxin-free shampoo retails for $34(13 oz).

7. Rahua Hydration Shampoo

A hydration shampoo does wonders for dry hair but might not be a good pick for people with oily hair. It deeply moisturizes the scalp and combats all the damage made to the hair follicle. The coconut and shea butter mixture in the shampoo brings all the moisture to the hair as well as cleans the hair well.

This shampoo contains protein-bonding sugars which are great for combating damaged hair. It has an amazing scent of a heady palo santo which is loved by everyone. This shampoo is also on the pricier side as it retails for $36(9.3 oz).

Each of these organic shampoos will do a world of good to your hair. Moreover, these are not toxic to you as well as the environment.

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