8 Amazing Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents I Found!

Our environment needs healing and we must play our part in it. Using more and more eco-friendly products will definitely imply taking a big step towards helping the environment.

When you will switch to eco-friendly products, there will be a reduction in produced waste.

A basic household necessity is a laundry detergent. In regards to being eco-friendly, you should switch to a natural and eco-friendly laundry detergent which does not contain any harmful chemicals. Most of the conventional laundry detergents have strong and harsh chemicals present in them who do not leave a good impact.

Although these standard and conventional laundry detergents come under an affordable range and are considered cheap. Also, they are readily available and you can easily find one at any store near you. But, the problem lies in their ingredients!

There are a number of toxic chemicals used in the making of a traditional detergent, which prove to be harmful for us in the longer run. The synthetic chemicals include phosphates, chlorine, and bleach. They might be polluting the waterways which is damaging to the ecosystem.

Moreover, these chemicals in the laundry detergents might also be able to harm your sensitive skin. It can causes rashes and allergies on the skin if any chemical turns out to react. Some of us are sensitive to synthetic fragrance too; most of the laundry detergents have a strong scent which is annoying for us.

Why go for an Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent?

1. Harmful Chemicals Affect Human Health

The conventional laundry detergents have synthetic chemicals in them which are harmful for us as well as our environment. There is added synthetic scent, synthetic dyes, bleach, surfactants and other toxic bi-products such as 4-Dioxane.

For example, petroleum distillate is a surfactant which is referred to as naphthas. It is damaging to our lungs and even mucous membranes. They are capable of causing inflammation, asthma, and cancer also. It is surprising how it it widely used in the making of laundry detergents.

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2. Ecological Reasons

The traditional laundry detergent is harmful to humans as well as to other living beings. They are a great threat to the aquatic life also. This is due to the fact that all the pollutants land and get mixed in the waterways.

Phosphate is a chemical which is a common ingredient of a laundry detergent. It can lead to excess eutrophication while completely destroying the aquatic ecosystem. It destabilises the system and leaves it lifeless.

Moreover, the manufacturing of laundry detergents results in carbon footprint which is unsustainable. There is a lot of burning of fossil fuels and then there is the use of plastic in the packaging, all of this is not environmental friendly.

Us as humans should be responsible enough to start buying from brands that make ethical products and help protect the ecosystem.

What to look for in an Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent?

1. Natural Ingredients

An eco-friendly laundry detergent should not have harsh synthetic chemicals in it. These often stick to the clothes and irritate the skin when you wear them after the wash.

The ingredients in an eco-friendly detergent should be natural. The terms on the label which you should look for are ‘plant-based’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘fragrance-free’, etc.

2. Type

Decide if you want a liquid or a powder detergent.

Liquid laundry detergents are said to be cost-effective as they offer up to 100 loads per bottle/pack!

But, they require proper measurement before use.

Whereas, the powdered ones (pods, strips, and sheets) are pricey and offer up to 60 loads per package. For these however, you’ll need a measuring cup.

You can use the cap of the bottle for that.

3. Packaging

With eco-friendly product, its packaging should be eco-friendly as well. Go for brands who do not single-use plastic packaging bags or tubs.

Instead, go for recyclable or compostable packaging. Eco-friendly packaging includes recycled cardboard boxes, glass boxes or containers, aluminium canisters, or solid laundry detergent bars.

8 Best Eco-friendly Laundry Detergents

1. Eco Roots

The Eco Roots’s detergent sheets are a great option as an eco-friendly detergent. They are easy to use and contain all natural ingredients. With their ease of use, they are also cost-efficient. A single sheet can be used twice. The package goes on for up to 64 wash cycles!

Sheets do not need measurement, you just need to toss them in. It creates minimal mess and works well with hot as well as cold water.

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Some of the laundry strips are difficult to dissolve in cold water, but these get the job done well.

These laundry detergent sheets usually are scent-free. There is one flavour of it which is a Fresh Earth Breeze Scent and it has a lovely fragrance. It is a light scent which leave the clothes smelling so fresh and clean!

These natural laundry detergent sheets are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, phosphates, or optical brighteners! Even without harsh chemicals, this product works wonders for removing stains and brightening the clothes.

Eco Roots makes natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Purchase from them and live a sustainable life.

2. Nellie’s

Another great eco friendly laundry detergent brand is Nellie’s. It is hypoallergenic, and is very effective in clean washing.

Nellie’s Laundry Soda Tin is an excellent detergent, however, it is expensive. This laundry powder cleanses the clothes perfectly with just one tablespoon of powder.

You can mix it with either cold or hot water. The formula is vegan, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. It does not contain any harmful chemicals like phosphates, bleach, or any fragrance which might cause a problem. This is always a safer choice!

3. Biovert

Biovert is an eco-friendly company which aims to manufacture products who do not affect the environment negatively. Their household products are free of any allergens and carcinogens.

All of their laundry detergents and fabric softeners are biodegradable and include all natural ingredients. The detergent gives same results when used in hot or cold water.

Also, it is a compatible detergent as it comes in a number of different scents and comes with a fragrance-free version as well.

Since I couldn’t find Biovert products; how about we look for them at the nearest supermarket?

Let me know if you find them at a chainstore! I’ll share if I find these at such a store in Utah.

4. Elva’s All-Natural Laundry Wash

One of the top laundry detergents is the Elva’s All-Natural laundry wash. This brand makes the best natural cleaning products with zero waste.

This laundry detergent is in a liquid form and is made with plant-based materials.

These natural and organic materials work together and make the clothes clean and bright. It leaves the clothes chemical-free in a very reasonable price.

This brand is also one of the cruelty-free brands which is also vegan, septic, and grey water safe. This detergent has a very fresh scent of lavender and is not harmful to the sensitive skin. You can easily and freely wash all your clothes including the delicate undergarments!

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Furthermore, an eco-friendly plus point is that they offer a refill which helps in reducing plastic waste.

5. Aspen Clean

Another green brand is Aspen Clean which makes products that are safe from harmful chemicals which are normally found in laundry detergents. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

Their laundry detergent is natural, hypoallergenic, and made from plant-based ingredients.

This is why this detergent is the best choice for anyone with allergies or skin sensitivity. It uses essential oils for its scent such as eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, or lemongrass.

A fragrance-free option is also available for people who prefer no scent at all. the Aspen Clean laundry detergent is suitable for all washing machines and water temperatures.

6. Tide Purclean Unscented liquid laundry detergent

Tide is well known brand in the detergent industry. This eco-friendly detergent is made up to 75% plant-based material. Even its container is designed with post-consumer recycled plastic. It can be recycled after using as per the company’s statement.

The size of the container is 69 ounces which is enough for up to 48 washes. Apart from being cruelty-free and vegan, it is also very pocket-friendly.

7. Dropps Laundry Detergent Pods

Many of the laundry pods are easy-to-use which is why they are very convenient. The Dropps laundry detergent pods are sustainable and eco-friendly. They are naturally made from plant based ingredients and are available in sealed biodegradable pod covers.

The biodegradable laundry pod covers contain no parabéns, no phthalates, and no plastic. The good part is that it comes in eco-friendly packaging too.

The compostable box results in zero waste. You can get it in a pack of 32, 64, and 140.

8. Method Laundry Detergent

Going for an eco-friendly laundry detergent does not mean that one has to use scent-free detergent. There is a smell of fresh clean clothes after a wash, if you love that smell then this laundry detergent is perfect for you!

This detergent is made with high quality, plant-based ingredients which come packed in recycled bottles. They come in a set of four and are available as an individual too.

Also, you have 8 different types of scents to choose from. A single bottle will be enough for 66 uses! That’s more than enough for 2 months.

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