How to Dispose Of Old Tube TVs


All young people from the ’80s, ’90s, and the decade of 2000 would know the love they had for a Cathode Ray Tube TV. They were old devices that were thick and had bulging boxes. Since now people like to buy modern flat-screen TVs, those CRT TVs have set their place in the basements and attics of our houses.

The Cathode Ray Tube TVs have not even been manufactured since 2010. Even then, there are reports that these televisions are still present in 77 million homes. They may not be in use, but they are surely taking up space!

Typically, people nowadays are more into new technologies like LCD Screens, OLEDs, and Plasma television Types, and hence, TV manufacturers have their focus on these.

However, we need to be more aware of e-waste and e-recycling. Electronic waste is a big issue in today’s world. People do not dispose the electronics properly which causes a lot of harmful problems in the environment. We have to take electronics recycling seriously!

You will buy a lot of electronics all your life, but always remember that there is life only on Earth and we need to protect our planet. For that purpose, we have to be responsible humans and dispose of products properly.

These devices contain many hazardous materials which are toxic to all of us and our environment. Many states have passed strict laws and have banned the dumping of e-waste into landfills as well as seas and oceans.

Ways in which you can Dispose of your old CRT TV

1. Donate/Repurpose the TV

CRT tellys have gotten old but they still work well. If you pick up a Tube TV from the street and you turn it on, it will usually work. It does not seem right if someone has thrown away a perfectly fine set but people just do not use these now. Therefore, they throw them out.

If you have a CRT TV that you do not use now and it is just occupying space in your house, you can consider donating it. One way to do it is by calling your nearest locations like a public library or a school and ask them if they need it.

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You can also google ‘donate electronics’ and you will find people looking for a TV. It is a good act and you will certainly feel good after donating.

Another option is that many old games are only functional on a CRT TV. So, gamers are in search of these TVs to play the games. Similarly, you can also look for these specific games and put your TV to use while you get to enjoy them too.

Instead of throwing it out or donating it, you can use it yourself. And if you donate it, someone else will use it and gain benefit from it. It is a win-win situation for sure!

2. Host a Garage Sale

Garage sales used to be one of the popular things that people would do. Some people still do it and get rid of the things they do not use while getting some cash for it. A functional CRT TV is a great product to sell at a garage sale.

You will find someone who needs the TV and it will be put to use while you will have earned some money. The buyer might ask you to show him the proof that it really works. You will have to plug it into a socket and turn it on for him to make a sale.

If it is raining or snowing, it will be difficult for you to turn on a TV outside even if you use an extension cord for it. However, most of the sets are okay to be operated outdoors. Also, you will have to insert batteries into the remote control for it to work, hence, you will have to make the batteries available there.

3. Sell it Online

We are living in 2023 where buying and selling online is very common as well as popular. Our lives have been really busy which is why we prefer e-shopping. It avoids the need to take out the time and go shopping physically.

When you do not have a lot of products for sale, you cannot have a garage sale. Therefore, it is best to sell your product online. There are a lot of different websites on which you can sell your stuff by signing up and making a profile.

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These websites include Amazon, eBay, and many others. People find it a hassle when they have to deal with potential buyers and manage the shipping.

A Plus point is that if you already have an account on Facebook or any other social media handle, it will be easier for you to sell your product online. There is a feature called ‘Facebook Marketplace’ where you can conveniently post your product.

It is very simple and attracts locals. All you need to do is that you need to take a picture of your TV, add details of it and ask for your price. Then you post it and people contact you for further detailing.

4. Recycling

One of the best ways to dispose of your TV is to recycle it. If it is not functional and will not be of anyone’s use, then the perfect solution is to recycle it. Most of the states in the United States have e-waste services that provide you with recycling services.

They will recycle your old TV. It is very easy to look for them on the web. There is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website at where there is a lot of information about electronic donations and recycling. You will come across different resources that will help you find a local service or a recycling center near you.

The other options are Walmart and Best Buy. These retailers also offer a haul-away service, but they might charge a little fee for it. Best Buy accepts CRT TV sets under 32-inch screens and charges a total of $30 as a disposal fee.

As to bringing a change and saving the environment, this little fee amount shouldn’t bother you.

Importance of CRT TV Recycling

People today will never understand the high level that Tube TVs had back then. With the upgrading of TV models, the cathode ray tube TVs are worthless now. It is for the best that they are recycled as disposing of them in the trash is harmful to the environment.

Below are the reasons why it is sensible to recycle tube TVs:

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1. Cathode Ray Tubes are Hazardous

The older the TV would be, the more toxic materials it would contain. These include significant amounts of cadmium, lead, phosphorus, mercury, and beryllium. All of these are very toxic to humans, animals, as well as plants. It is all included in hazardous waste.

Therefore, these CRTs must be recycled properly as they are old electronics so that they can be put to use. The recycled materials can be reused in the making of new products such as appliances. When these materials are reused, manufacturers will not have to get them through mining.

Mining is also not good for the environment, and recycling will reduce the need for mining.

2. CRTs Result in Extra E-Waste

In the United States, there are billions of CRT TVs in households which are just taking up space. No one uses them, and they only contribute to the overall waste of the country.

The reason is that the CRT TVs used to come in the seventies towards the 2000s. It was a new thing back then which made people get attracted to it and they ended up buying it. But now, they are tossed in the basements!

People find it easier to toss things in the basement of their house or any place they have made of the things which they do not use such as an attic. Instead, one should get rid of it by giving it away in a recycling center.

Storing and keeping them in your house only adds to E-waste. We all should consider recycling as a prime responsibility of ours as humans.

3. Impact on the Environment

Even if you are someone who has not tossed your old Telly in the basement, then you might be the one who disposed of it but carelessly. It is illegal to dump such products on the streets or throw them in a dumpster when no one is around.

These products are hazardous, and when they end up in a landfill, they deteriorate as they get exposed to the elements. There is a risk of these harmful materials entering the water system. This can pollute the drinking water as well as the water that is used to irrigate the crops.

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