United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA): Our allies!

The environment protection agency(EPA) is a US based agency that acts as a fence between human activities and environmental pollution. Its main purpose is to establish and enforce the necessary laws to control pollution and hence, control the environment from getting worse.

The EPA was at first in charge of the organization of;

The Clean Air Act (1970),established to decrease air contamination principally from factories and engine vehicles

The Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act (1972)

The Clean Water Act (1972), managing city and industrial wastewater releases and offering awards for building sewage-treatment facilities.

By the mid-1990s the EPA was implementing 12 noteworthy resolutions, including laws intended to control Uranium process tailings; sea dumping; safe drinking water; bug sprays,fungicides, and asbestos risks in schools.

One of the EPA’s major triumphs was a contract with car makers to introduce catalytic converter in vehicles, subsequently decreasing the number of un-burned hydrocarbons by 85 percent.

The EPA’s is majorly responsible for decreasing half or air pollution in the United States from 1970 to 1990, and amid the 1980s the laws and measures taken against pollution made a lot of change in rural areas. Noteworthy improvements also gained in water quality and waste transfer.

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