12 types of Beautiful Betta Fish for your Home Aquarium

The Colorful Betta Fish

Watching a fish tank is said to be one of the most relaxing and peace-inducing activities that you could spend hours being engaged in, as you watch the fish flitting from one spot to another.

Is it the fish, or the sight of water, that lulls your senses and calms you down?

And if the fish in your fish tank just happen to be the beautiful and exotically colored Betta fish, there is definitely little more that you could ask for.

Red betta fish, electric blue, mustard, orange, yellow, white, black, copper, green… you name it, these are sure to have that color.

In fact, one of the most distinctive features of the Betta Fish are the bright colors and the distinctively long, and elegant tail that it possesses.

Other than their beautiful colors and strikingly impressive and artistic tail designs, Betta Fish are also known for their low maintenance qualities… they can, in other words, easily survive in a fish tank that may not be of very large size. 

13 types of Betta fish for your Home Aquarium

1. CrownTail Betta Fish

Crowntail Betta Fish
Crowntail Betta Fish

As a species variety, the CrownTail Betta fish is barely 20 years old and got its name from its bright fin tail.

The webbed section of its tail has enormous rays that extend past it.

Their tails can be up to 8 inches in diameter, about three times the size of the rest of their bodies.

These tropical fish have webbing between the rays on their tail that gives it the appearance of a crown and therefore the lovely name.

The following are 13 of the most popular of these variations.

Native to the rice paddies and the shallow water bodies found in Southeast Asia, these freshwater fish were not always the cheerfully colorful creatures that we instinctively think of at the mention of an aquarium… The bright colors in fact, are a result of careful breeding that was aimed at accentuating these colors.

It is also the male betta fish that are the more colorful individuals of this species, and therefore the more popular with aquarium fish amongst pet shop owners, than the relatively drabber shaded female bettas that are not as high in demand as the male bettas.

The Betta Fish also go by the name of the Siamese Fighting Fish, these small but aggressive fish possess some of the most strikingly beautiful and exotic tail patterns, variations and colors; all of which are a result of years of successful, selective breeding by trained experts that has now led to there being hundreds of types of betta fish.

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This fish can reach a maximum size of 2.5 inches and come in a variety of colors, ranging from deep reds to vivid blues.

2. Halfmoon Betta

Unlike other variants of the same species the bright orange and white halfmoon betta fish has a semi circular tail fin with sharp, well defined edges.

Some describe the tail as being an awe-inspiring semi fan like structure.

This semi circular fan like structure not only gives this variety of fish their name, but it is also what makes the half moon betta such a coveted prize for any proud owner of an aquarium tank.

Their caudal fin that makes up the half moon structure also tends to flare up into a dazzling pattern sought out by many fish lovers everywhere.

Similar to other species of betta fish, these can also grow up to 2.5 inches in size.

Being an adequate size for a home pet along with being easy to care for and having a range of colors this betta fish is a must have for any aquarium owner.

3. Veiltail Betta Fish

If you’ve ever been to a pet store to buy a betta fish then chances are that you’ve gazed upon the majestic veiltail betta fish.

The veiltail are the most common betta fishes found in aquariums all over the world.

The veiltail are stunning swimmers with an elongated , freely flowing caudal fin which swoops downwards as the fishes elegantly dance through the waters.

These are definitely one fish that your aquarium needs.

These betta fish have the same shape as any of the other betta fish and like other variants of the species, come in various colors, often either having a constant color gradient throughout their body or at times with a contrast between the color of their head and tails.

Their vivid colors and almost hypnotic water maneuvers make this an absolutely impressive little creature.

4. Double Tail Betta

The double tail betta is probably one of the more unique betta fish out there with its absolutely stunning and unique distinct double tail.

These double tails are separated at the base forming two distinct semi-circular shapes on either side of the fish, with a larger than normal dorsal tail as well.

These fish come in a variety of colors with the white finned variant of the species being the most coveted domestic fish.

The reason the white fin double tail betta fish is so vigorously sought after is because the white color of the fins is almost a transparent see through fin which trails behind the fish as it swims gleefully through the water.

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Though the white color variation is most sought after, it is still the blue colored fins that are the more common variations of the fish.

5. CombTail Betta

“Firefly’s Rays” by ballookey is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

The Comb Tail Betta looks very similar to the Crown Tail Betta, in that their rays extend past the end of the tail.

However, depending on the tail type, the Comb Tail Betta’s tail is much more subtle, and the rays only extend a little bit past the webbing part.

Crown Tail’s rays extend much further, creating much larger rays. The rule of thumb is that if the webbing reaches further than 2/3 up the tail, then, judging by its tail type, it is a Comb Tail rather than a Crown Tail.

6. Spade Tail Betta

Don’t worry, this particular fish has little to do with gardens, gardening tools or anything outdoorsy like that, with the exception of its tail that is just like what a spade should look like… a well rounded base with the mandatory, pointed tip at its edge.

The more brightly colored male of the species is certainly a lot more attractive in your tank, than the female, and definitely seems to think along the lines that beauty reserves the right to creating an aggression atmosphere within the tank also, because this is certainly one belligerent, highly territorial fish.

Knowing this is important for anyone planning on keeping Spade Tail Betta because it will definitely be of utmost importance to ensure that you are not keeping more than one male of the species in a tank.

Any more and the fight for territorial rights will ensue. Also, it would be advisable to keep an eye on the fish within the tank to ensure that they continue to stay as calm as possible.

8. Dumbo Ear Betta

If the first image to enter your head, as soon as you read this name, was of Dumbo the flying elephant, then you aren’t very far from the truth.

The Dumbo Ear Betta has actually been selectively bred, not for a more unique tail type pattern, but so that it could have Dumbo-like ears, a characteristic that also gives it its unique name.

It is not actually ears however, but the abnormally large pectoral fins, sticking out from either side of the fish’s face, that create an illusion to the fabled ears of Dumbo, and give this beautiful, fresh water fish yet another added feature that is as unique as it is beautiful.

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9. Yellow Betta Fish

The yellow betta fish is the dazzling ray of sunshine amongst its peers.

It is a peaceful fish that will add beauty to any tank and is often a friendly fish mate for all the other pet fish in your tank.

10. Blue Betta

Want an awe-inspiring blue feathery fan swirling around the water in your fish tank, then you might want to consider getting a blue betta fish.

This tropical fish has an almost silk-like feather tail that swirls around as it swims through the water, making it a rare and auspicious sight for your tank.

11. Rosetail Betta

“Betta splendens” by Chantal Wagner is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. 

A rosetail betta is similar to a halfmoon betta, but with more branching in the fin rays, particularly on the caudal fin.

In rare situations, this leads the fish’s tail, or caudal fin, to expand beyond the 180-degree point. The caudal fin occasionally overlaps and joins with the betta’s other fins.

12. Feather Tail

A feathertail betta (also known as a rose tail betta) is a Halfmoon with extensive branching of its rays, giving the tail a “ruffled” edge and a large quantity of branching.

These fish are, with extreme amounts of care, breed into existence by a process of artificial selection.

13. Green Betta Fish

“Betta” by Stephie189 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The uncommon and exquisite green betta fish is an outcome of the artificial selection that has been made to take place between these inhabitants of water.

Green betta fish are usually a solid green in color, although they can come in a variety of tints that can fall anywhere on the green spectrum, from turquoise to a deep green that appears almost black in certain lights.

All green bettas have a metallic wash that shimmers in the light, which is one particularly distinguishing trait for the green betta fish.

There is a lot of research that suggests that keeping fish in water aquariums has a very soothing effect on the humans around… so much so that standing in front of a tank is sure to elicit a mental or a physical response from the viewers.

Is it the small fish that is so calming or is it the sight of water in a tank that actually pacifies fraught nerves, or the bright colors of the pet fish that make you feel happy?

Again, there is evidence to support the idea that watching the fish, and not the water, in an aquarium or tank has the maximum positive effects on watchers.

Then again, if the fish are bright, beautiful and peaceful fish such as the Betta Fish, what more could you ask for?

Well, maybe a few barbed fish, since they are excellent tank mates with the Betta fish!

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