Eco-friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide (50+ Gift Ideas)

Father's Day gift guide 2020

Fathers are the role models in our lives. We always want to make him feel special. Father’s day is one day you really get to cheer him up. We all look for the gifts that most suit him.

We have made it very easy for you as we bring you with a list of eco-friendly products that you can get for your father on Father’s day.

All Sundays are days you get to spend with your dad; but this is a special one since it’s going to be Father’s day on Sunday 21st of June.

P.S. If you know his Interests (obviously you do); Press Control-F and Search them. You’ll surely find the perfect product for him!

P.P.S: If you need an Eco-friendly or sustainable gift box, you can use this.

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Apparel and Self-care gifts for Father’s day

1. Wooden Watch

Let’s start with a watch. This one is 47 mm thick and is made up of all-natural and sustainable exotic Hawaiian Koa wood and unique stonewashed 316-L surgical-grade stainless steel.

For every one watch sold, the company ‘Original Grain’ plants a tree and grows it in a sustainable manner.

Best for Dads Interested in Watches, are punctual and love to tell you the time when you come home late!


Having a 4.5-star rating, many people who bought this product loved its quality; especially the scratch-resistant glass.

2. Crewneck Undershirts

Undershirts made from 100% cotton. They come in a pair of six. Easy-to-fit design makes them comfortable and easy to wear for all dads-young and old. But we all know they’re young at heart!

Dads interested in making a good impression at jobs; Hygienic and Self-caring.


Most of the men who bought these said that they were the best daily-wear undershirts. They absorb sweat and are very comfortable to wear which is why this product has a rating of 4.5-stars.

3. Eco-Smart Hoodie

Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester. It has extra-large pockets and rib-knit waistband for that extra comfort and warmth in chilly winters.

For Dads living in chilly climate and those who walk and work outdoors.


Having a 4-star rating, this product was a hot seller last month. Most pf the people bought it because of its comfort and wide variety of colors.

The colors really confused me because I wanted to get them all! Remember your dad’s favorite color before you choose one.

4. Twisted X men shoes

These shoes are crafted from 13 recycled water bottles. I bring you one of the most Eco-friendly shoes on the market. The company also claims to plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold.

For Dads interested in; Hiking, Trekking and Sports


Having a 5-star rating by its users show they are on top in their category of Eco-friendly shoes. Many people loved them for being comfortable on every terrain; they go great with any outfit.

5. Baseball Hat

Made from 100% organic cotton, this baseball hat is adjustable for any head size. The strap back makes it very easy to adjust and the fabric is breathable, making your head sweat-free.

For Dad’s Interested in; Outdoors, Wood-working, Sports. Also for dads who get tanned easily.


Many people loved it as it gives good value for money and comes in many varieties of colors. More than 70% of users have given it a 4-star rating.

6. Cotton Socks

Socks are made up of 100% organic cotton, comes in a pack of 2. They come in various sizes for different foot sizes.


Having a 5-star rating, these can the perfect gift as they are very comfortable. Other than that, having long days at the office can really tire your dad out.

Wearing comfortable socks and shoes could become a part of not making it worse.

7. Brickell Men’s Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-aging cream made especially for men. This cream is for every skin type and absorbs quickly into the skin and makes it soft. The product is a 100% natural and 81% organic.

For dads Interested in; Looking young, Self-care and Face Products.


Having a 4.5-star on Amazon, this cream is very popular among men. Selling out in over 20 countries.

8. Biotin Vitamin made with Organic Coconut Oil

Natural coconut oil made from coconut extract; this oil is doesn’t have any artificial ingredients and is best for keeping your hair, skin and nails healthy.

It’s quite unique, being the only Non-GMO and Vegan-certified biotin soft-gel capsule on the markets.

For Dads Interested in; Self-care, Public Speaking and Job Interviews (gives the right confidence boost).


Having a more than 4-star rating from more than 18,000 customers on amazon, This product is the best in biotin products. To keep your father’s skin and hair healthy, this can be the perfect gift.

9. Organic Beard Oil

Made from 100% organic ingredients without any additives or chemicals; This beard oil is best to keep your beard soft and dandruff free. And It’s super easy to use and apply.

For Dads Interested in; Beard-care products.


Having a 4-star rating, this beard oil is very useful. If your father has a beard then this beard oil is the most eco-friendly and organic beard oil he can use.

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10. Charcoal Toothpaste

It has extra coconut activated charcoal for the whitening boost your teeth need. It comes with hints of cinnamon and mint for one to feel fresh and have fresh breath.

For Dads Interested in; Dentists, Self-help and Self-care.


More than 90% of the people have given it a 4.5-star rating. They love how it makes their teeth white and fresh. It even makes the breath feel really good.

Everyday Essentials for Father’s day

Now and again, when I gift something to someone; They don’t use it everyday so I’ve actually become inclined to gifts that one uses daily so they get to remember you every other day.

Especially If you want to be the His Favorite Child!

11. Versace Pour Homme Cologne

Versace Pour Homme Cologne is a cool and aromatic fragrance with a stylish edge and notes of Clary Sage, Blue Hyacinth, Geranium, Cedarwood, Agar Wood, and Musk.

The Praises your dad gets from wearing this perfume will surely make him remember you at all times!

For Dads Interested in: Public Speaking, Socializing and Self-care.

Do check out the Gift Set of Dylan Blue as well! – 4.9 star reviews!


With almost 600 people giving this cologne a rating of 4.7 stars; you can be well-assured the scent is wonderful!

12. Olivina Natural Fragrance Cologne

An essential-oil based fragrance inspired by the wood-aging tradition of American distilleries. This sophisticated blend features notes of lemon, bergamot and sage, and base notes of cedarwood, bourbon accord and patchouli.

Bourbon Cedar Solid Cologne is cruelty free, vegetarian, and never tested on animals. Made with clean Ingredients – SLS-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, silicone-free, natural fragrances, and all-natural essential oils. Finally packaged in recycled materials.

For Dads Interested in; Cologne, Natural Perfumes and Self-care.


Having a 4-star rating, this cologne is bought by men who love natural fragrances and cedar. If your father loves fragrances, this would be the gift he’d want.

13. Bristle Hairbrush Set

It comes in two sizes; made from 100% sustainable-cut forests without plastic or materials harmful to earth. These brushes glide gently and are perfect for daily brushing.

For Dads Interested in: Brushing his hair and Impressing your mom!


They are very popular among fathers with short hair. They really like how smooth they brush through the hair and the grip is very easy to hold. Other brushes have sharp bristles that may damage the scalp.

14. Bamboo Toothbrushes

These toothbrushes are made from 100% organic bamboo. The manufacturers have also adopted plant-based packaging, making the whole thing Eco-friendly. Get a matching pair for you and your dad!

For Dads Interested in: Self-care, Mouth Hygiene and Dentist fears!


Most of the people loved its sleek design and its grip. This brush has been given a 4.5-star rating from more than 80% of the people.

15. The Seaweed Organic Shampoo

Made from organic and sustainably harvested bladder-wrack seaweed; this shampoo contains more than 65 minerals and vitamins to keep your hair strong and healthy.

For Dads Interested in: Self-care and Escaping Hair Loss.


Having a 5-star rating from more than 500 people, this shampoo is known for its balanced formula and excellent for any hair types.

16. Bamboo Roller-ball Pen

A roller ball pen made from Eco-friendly organic bamboo that can be refilled again and again. For every pen sold, the manufacturers contribute towards Arbor Day foundation to rescue rain-forests.

For Dads Interested in Writing, Authors and have an office desk.

Click here to take a look at it!


It has a 4-star rating. People liked this pen as it is long-lasting and can be refilled. Others liked the fact that it’s lightweight.

17. Eco-friendly Laptop Bag

A laptop bag made from all-natural cotton canvas. It can fit in laptops up to 16”. It has many compartments other than for keeping a laptop.

For Dads Interested in: Laptops, Bags and Business jobs.


Having a 4.5-star rating, this laptop bag is very convenient for businessmen. 60% of the people who bought this were businessmen. If your father is a businessman, you definitely want to get him this.

18. Portable Solar Charger

This is a portable charger completely powered by solar energy. It is the most Eco-friendly way to charge your devices. It is convenient and can be used anywhere! All it needs is a few bits of sunlight to charge up.

For Dads Interested in: Hiking, Trekking, Renewable Energy and Technology


Having a 4-star rating this solar portable charger is very popular among renewable energy enthusiasts. If your father loves to travel places, get him one of these.

19. Solar-Powered Lantern

This lantern is multi-purpose and is powered by solar. It is both, convenient and flexible. It can even charge other devices like phones along with providing light.


Having a 4-star rating, these solar-powered lanterns are very popular among the skiers. Due to wider range of light,it the best in the category.

20. Recycled Glass Water Bottle

Made from recycled glass, this water bottle is for cold beverages only. The bottle maintains its shine if hand-washed now and again. Just tell him not to microwave the bottle, I think we can do that.

For Dads Interested in: Recycling, Taking care of Earth and Environmentalism.


Most of the people gave this product a 4.5-star rating. They loved its sleek and simple design. Most of the people who bought this water bottle were people who just love being Eco-friendly.

21. Levoit Air Purifier

Made from replaceable filers, Levoit Air Purifier will absorb all toxins from the air around it. It also comes with built-in HEPA filers which trap 99.7% of the germs; keeping your house pure and clean.

If you and your dad live together; this is the best gift to get him because the whole family will get to have purified air.

Dads Interested in: Beating Allergies, Cleaning and Good Hygiene


If your father has allergies; this would be the best gift for him as you would be making his life easy. With a 4.5-star rating, this air purifier is the one to have.

You should also read 20 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution.

22. Solar Lamp Posts

These lamp posts are solar-powered and do not require any electricity. They would charge for 5-6 hours and provide light for more than 9 hours. They are perfect for gardens and your driveway.

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If your Father has a grill fitted in the backyard, maybe you could place one beside it.

For Dads Interested in: Outdoors, Gardening, Landscaping and Green Energy


Having a 4-star rating, these lights are very easy to install and most of the people were very satisfied with their performance.

23. Wood Cutting board

Made from sustainable acacia wood; this cutting board is very Eco-friendly. It is a great addition to the house. Hand-wash after use to maintain its finish.

For Dads Interested in: Cooking, Kitchen and Chefs.


Most of the people gave it a 4.5-star rating. These kinds of gifts are beneficial for the whole household; but if your father is a kitchen-guy, then this is the perfect gift for him.

24. Granite Bowl

It is a must-have for every household. Made from natural stone, this bowl and can be used to grind, crush and mash grain and spices.

For Dads Interested in: Kitchen work, Grinding Spices and Herbs.


Having a 4.5-star rating, this product is loved by the old generation. Many people bought it because it is the best natural way to grind spices.

25. Cutlery Caddy

This caddy is made from very high-quality organic bamboo that conveniently holds your cutlery and napkins. It already comes assembled so you don’t have to worry about last-minute assembling.

For Dads Interesting in: Cooking, Cutlery and Kitchen-work


It has a 4-star rating. Most of the people bought it to keep their cutlery organized and in one place. It also matches properly with kitchenware. This is getting on my Christmas Shopping list!

26. Checkers Rug

This rug has a timeless checker design and is made from 100% recycled cotton. They will go great at home as well as dad’s office.


If your father is into retro products then he will love this rug as it goes back in time and beautifully brings the past into the present.

27. Wall Organizer

This wall organizer is made from sustainable and recycled material. It can be hanged in office or at home. It can be helpful to organize files and important things.

For Dads Interested in: Being Well-organized and Neat. Also Father’s working from home.


Having a 4.5-star rating, this wall organizer is very convenient, as it can be hanged easily and it has a lot of space.

28. Wooden Shoe Rack

Made from 100% organic and sustainably sourced bamboo. This wooden shoe rack is best for placing anywhere. It is lightweight and can keep a lot of dad’s shoes.

For Dads who love shoes and great interior decor.


Having a 4.5 star rating, this product is loved by many as it has more room than the normal show rack and will last long due to its organic material.

Food gifts for Father’s day

You know your Father best, More than anyone!

However, We did a survey among 130 people about what they’re fathers liked to eat; We’ve included those in the guide below!

29. Organic Unsalted Cashews

These cashews are organic, non-roasted and unsalted. They taste just as fresh as they were packed.


Having a 4.5-star rating, these cashews are very famous. Most of the people bought them in winters as they have high nutritional value!

30. PBfit Organic Peanut Butter Powder

Made from 100% organic peanuts, this peanut butter powder includes 850 grams of protein, organic coconut, palm sugar and salt.

For Dads trying to beat the ‘Dad Bod’. Health, Fitness and Gym conscious!


Having a whopping 5-star rating, this peanut butter power is mostly used after workouts. Although, there must be others who have bought it and still gave it a thumbs up so you know it’s not only for those who workout.

If your father likes to gym, then this is surely the perfect gift for him.

31. Organic Chia Seeds

Better Body Foods brings you organic chia seeds that are full of nutrients and help keep your body healthy. They are low carb and gluten-free. These are an essential for everyone in the family, so you’re not just gifting your dad but the whole family!

But you can play it as a gift! You know there’s nothing better your Dad likes other than sharing their stuff with Family.

Especially for Dads Interested in Eating Healthy and Being Healthy.


Having a 5-star rating from more than 80% of the people who bought them, these Chia seeds are best for many purposes. They would be a great gift for your father to keep his health up to date.

32. Organic Hazelnut Spread

Made from organic hazelnuts, non-GMO, Vegan and without any chemicals; this spread is best for your breakfast and tea-time snacks.

Especially for Dads who don’t get much breakfast time in the morning!


Organic Hazelnut spread has a 4-star rating. Most of the people who bought it used it in breakfast and loved the basic taste of hazelnuts along with chunks of hazelnut spread out in the spread.

33. Organic Popcorn

Made from organically grown corn; Organic Popcorn is non-GMO, peanut-free and gluten-free. Every purchase comes with a fantastic recipe.


These popcorns are easy to make and people like them for having low calories. Most of them gave organic popcorn a 4.5-star rating, I think that’s very good!

34. Terrasoul Organic Dried Mango

Dried mango gives the most organic taste as compared to other artificial snacks. These are certified organic and Non-GMO, Raw, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Vegan.

This company claims to provide natural snacks and dried fruits at the lowest possible price, sourced from family farms from all over the world.


Having a 4-star rating this product is something your father would love if he loves fruits, especially mangoes. Having a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, they are sold worldwide.

35. Happy Belly Dried Snacks

It contains a mix of dried Cranberries, Pepitas, and Nuts. The company claims to give maximum satisfaction.

If not, they the can be refunded throughout the year. Since they’re so confident in their product, why don’t you give your father a chance to try them!

For Dads Struggling to find an Organic and Healthy Nighttime snack!


Given a 4.5-star rating, this product is very good for fulfilling that unhealthy snack craving. Most of the people eat it as an alternative to unhealthy snacks, especially diabetics and people with high blood pressures.

36. AmazonFresh Coffee

Made from 100% Organic Coffee grown in Peru, It has a smooth finish with the highest satisfaction level. It is an Amazon brand and is certified by USDA.

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For Dads who drink coffee right after they wake up in the morning! He deserves the best Coffee.


Giving it a 4-star rating on Amazon, people trust this brand because its an amazon brand. I’m sure the reviewers were regular coffee drinkers, two of them are my friends.

37. Dave’s Killer Bread

Made from 100% organic ingredients, this bread does not have any artificial flavors and is certified by USDA and GMO project. Most rich in protein and fiber.


Having a rating of 4.5-star from 600 out of 800 people; this bread is loved by many. Most of the people love its crisp and fresh taste.

38. BBQ Grill Set

Made from bamboo, this grill set comes with the best Eco-friendly packaging. It also has a special father’s day monogram imprinted on it to make your gift look special.


As the product seems itself, It has a 5-star rating that makes people buy it for a special occasion; like father’s day. You should really consider this if your father is a BBQ lover and interested in grilling meat.

Although, you should also take the chance to teach him about Ethical Eating.

39. Solar Rechargeable Headlamp

This is not an ordinary headlamp; it is powered by solar, and provides a steady stream of light. It is even waterproof in case it is used underwater.


Having a fair rating this product is very good for mountain climbing and skiing. If your father is a night traveler or works the nights; he must have this as a gift.

Plant Gifts for Father’s day

An Environmentbuddy Gift Guide without plants? Not possible!

40. Costa Farms Money Tree

Easy to care houseplant that brings good luck for its owners. It adds life to indoor life by growing up to 16 inches. It comes within a container to avoid water spillage, you don’t want to put more work on dad. We get it.

Especially good for Dads Interested in Gardening, Interior Decor and Environmentalism.


Having a rating of 4.5-star on amazon, this tree is a best seller. If your father is into plants then this one’s the best to get him.

41. Indoor Bonsai tree

Having huge trunks, these trees grow up to 8 to 12 inches. Its leaves are oval and glossy. These trees are grown in greenhouses with care and service. The company claims to fix them according to your tastes within 30 days of purchase.

This Bonsai tree really helped a friend’s dad treat Dementia; taking on more responsibility was a good part of how his dementia got delayed by a few years.


Having a rating of a 4-star, these trees are for who know the significance of Bonsai. Most of the people who buy them are true lovers of Bonsai Trees. This can be a very special gift to your father.

42. Singapore Pink Plumeria

Having long and leathery leaves, these trees blossom all year long and even have a hint of fragrance around them. Grown in the USA, these trees are non-GMO.


Having a 4-star rating, these trees are believed to attract good fortune and luck which is why they are bought more.

43. CostaFarms Golden Pothos

They are one of the easiest to grow and take care of. This plant is on top of the list in purifying indoor air. It is shipped directly from the farm it grows in.


Having a 4-star rating, this plant is very famous and loved among the community. Most of the people bought it to purify indoor air and reduce allergens.

Gifts under $10 for Father’s day

With Economy being so shaky right now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, we thought it was best to have an ‘Under $10 Section’ so you get to celebrate Father’s day without a dent on the wallet!

44. Leather Wallet

Made from synthetic leather, this wallet is eco-friendly. It has a small and minimalist design and can efficiently hold your money and credit cards for you.


Most of the people gave it a 5-star rating because it is worth the money-literally. It has a very sleek design that can look very classy

45. Reusable Tote bag

Having a compact design; this bag is completely eco-friendly, made from durable and breathable fabric. This bag can be used for groceries and errands. It’s even washable and can be used for years on end!


Having a 5-star rating, this bag is very convenient. Most people love it as it comes with a carabiner clip (Best for people who lose stuff) and has a detachable pouch attached to it.

46. Eco-friendly Toothpicks

Round Eco-friendly wooden toothpicks perfect for holding cocktails and appetizers. One pack contains 500 Eco-friendly toothpicks, will probably last a year!


Having a 4-star rating, most people love it for having the best quality. They don’t break easy that makes them good for the job.

47. Anchor Bracelet

A band made from organic and reusable high-quality materials. It is Eco-friendly and gives you a very fashionable look to refresh your collection.

For Dads Young at heart, Interested in Fishing and Self-care.


Many people love it for its design. It counts as a meaningful gift because your father can wear it every day to remember you if you guys live apart.

48. Oklahoma Keychain

Made from handcrafted and Eco-friendly recycled material, the shape of Oklahoma is cut from 100% recycled material. These are very lightweight and durable.


Most of the people who bought this key-chain loved its design and it being lightweight. They also said it has a lot of space for as many keys as your dad likes.

49. Shaving Cream

This cream is crafted to make your shave smooth and safe. It is made from certified organic ingredients suitable for all skin types.

Best for Clean-Shaven Dads and in Service jobs.


Having a 4.5-star rating, this shaving cream is very popular. Every man needs a shaving cream, if its eco-friendly its just an added benefit to keep the world and yourself healthy.

50. Cedar Fire Starters

Made from 100% natural cedar sawdust and highly refined wax; very easy to light and will burn for 20-30 minutes.


Most of the people love them for their quality. If your father is a BBQ lover, then this would be the best gift for him (After the grill). It has a rating of 4.5-stars.

51. Business Card Holder

Made from 100% organic and non-toxic wood; these card holders pass all safety requirements. They are the best for office use and will go great with your table. Business cards have a very high carbon foot-print if not manufactured sustainably.

What better way to show sustainability than a sustainable business card holder on office desk?

For Fathers interested in Business, Sustainability and Environmentalism.


Having a 4-star review, these card holders are everyone’s choice. If your father has an office, he will surely love this gift.

52. Sustainable Home Book

It includes practical projects that anyone can relate to in keeping the household Eco-friendly. It has many tips and advice to keep your house Eco-friendly.


Most of the people have rated this book with 4.5-stars. This book is very helpful to make your father busy in an economically healthy way.

53. Eco-friendly Reusable bags

These bags are made from eco-friendly materials that are reusable. These bags can be very helpful in travelling and keep your things clean and organized.


Most of the people bought them because they are very convenient and are very suitable for packing and travelling.

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