How to make your own Eco-friendly cleaning products? Easiest DIY kit below.

Household cleaning products

More than 50% of the commercial cleaners have ingredients in them which are harmful to the lungs. But the health effects don’t stop there; at least half of them have substances which are so harmful that they can trigger asthma. Along with damaging your health, chemical products can severely damage the environment.

Many of us still use these commercial cleaners even after knowing how harmful they are to us and the environment. Below we’ll make you learn how to make your own homemade cleaners without harmful chemicals. We’re here to help you ditch the harmful products for good. Just for a bit, let me just tell you the harmful chemicals present in the commercial household cleaning products.

Most Dangerous Ingredients in Commercial Cleaning Products

  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is used for either preservation or a disinfectant in the cleaning products. However, Formaldehyde is known to be a human carcinogen.
  • Quats: Quarts are also known as quaternary ammonium compounds which have many uses. They are used as sanitizers, disinfectants, fabric softeners and even for personal care products. However, they are also known to be triggers for asthma.
  • Dioxane: Many commercial detergents have Di-oxane in them. It is a known carcinogen for humans and animals both. It should be avoided as it is a confirmed irritant to your lungs and your skin.
  • Bleach: Bleach is included in many products; it is basically used to whiten clothes and to remove tough stains. It has the ability to kill germs and bacteria; therefore it is useful as a disinfectant. However, it has chlorine which is a toxic gas. Chlorine is linked with neurological defects, cancer and respiratory issues.
  • Ammonia: They are used as cleaners, mostly for glass. Ammonia can irritate your skin and is harmful to your eyes. It is very hazardous while it may seem safe to use.
  • Fragrance: Fragrant products are also known as ‘odorants’ and ‘aroma compounds’. They contain a lot of different chemical compounds. They are found in perfumes, food and most of the cleaning products. The reason for which they can be dangerous is that the ingredients for most of the fragrances are not listed on the products.
  • Plastics: Another major reason why people have started making their own household cleaners at home is because of excessive plastic wasted in bottles of cleaning products. Since, homemade cleaners don’t use any plastic; hence, are preferred.
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Non-toxic cleaners

If making your own cleaning product seems difficult for you then you’re in luck! Over the years, people are becoming more aware of the dangerous properties of the commercial cleaners. For this reason the demand and supply for toxin-free cleaning supplies has risen remarkably.

Many companies have been established which create eco-friendly house cleaning products. Their products are completely safe not just for the environment but for your health as well. However, the best thing is to make your own natural cleaners as shown below.

Homemade Eco-friendly products/DIY kit

Many common, inexpensive and versatile things can be used for cleaning, for example; baking soda, lemon, soda, vinegar and cornstarch. A combination of these and a few more things can result in cheap, eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that can be used at home.

How to make Eco-friendly All-purpose cleaners?

To make eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners; you would be needing, vinegar, water and baking soda.

What you’ll need to make Environmentally Friendly All-purpose Cleaners:

  • Baking Soda (1/4 cup)
  • Vinegar (1/4 cup)
  • Water (2 liters)

Mix about ¼ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar into 2 liters of water properly in a bowl and pour it into a spraying bottle, that’s it. This mixture can be used for cleaning mirrors, windows and shower glass.

I have also researched to find out an Eco-friendly Organic All-purpose cleaner, feel free to view it.

How to make Eco-friendly Homemade Air Fresheners?

You would have noticed that the commercial air fresheners mask a smell but they don’t get rid of it.

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What you’ll need to make your own Eco-friendly Air Fresheners:

  • Baking Soda (1/2 cup)
  • Vinegar (1/2 cup)

You can mix baking soda and vinegar and make a solution out of it. This mixture removes and absorbs the odor entirely.

As with All-purpose cleaners, you can also get Earth-friendly Air Fresheners if you don’t have the time to make one.

How to make Eco-friendly Carpet stains remover?

Removing a stain from a carpet would require you baking soda, water and white vinegar.

What you’ll need to make a carpet stain remover:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Nylon brush

Mix the white vinegar and baking soda with 50/50 ratio into a spray bottle. First cover the stain with baking soda, then spray vinegar and water solution on the stain. After letting the mixture stay for a few hours, scrub it with a nylon brush and leave the carpet to dry for a while. Vacuum the carpet after this and it’ll look as good as new.

You can also get an organic Carpet Stain Remover to remove the sturdy stains other natural cleaners won’t be able to.

How to make Eco-friendly deep cleaners for your toilet?

Cleaning toilets uses the harshest chemicals. You can avoid the toxins from these harsh chemicals entirely by using these mixtures.

To make Eco-friendly deep cleaners, You would (yet again) need:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Tea tree oil.

It is a very simple step, mix one cup of vinegar with half a teaspoon of oil and spray the mixture which is created on the lid, bowl and seat of the toilet. The next step is to sprinkle baking soda on the bowl and scrub it with a toilet brush. In the end just wipe the vinegar solution on the lid and seat with a cloth and you’re done.

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How to make your own Eco-friendly Grease remover?

Mostly grease sticks on pans after cooking. The following solution would help you to take care of that.

Fill the pan with hot water and place a dryer sheet on it. Let them sit overnight, and then scrape the pan filled with mixture with a hard spatula when you do the dishes in the morning.

With so much time during quarantine you can easily do these homemade tricks but if you find yourself looking for instant ways to remove oil and grease from your pans, kitchen walls and other surfaces; you can try this grease remover I do.

You see, most of these household cleaning products require ingredients that are usually present in your household. Let us know how these tips to make your own household cleaning products work out for you. I’ve been using them for a year now and they work quite well for me! Let me know in the comments.

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