10 Soccer Pros and Cons You Should Know

Soccer is a kind of sport that is played globally. Usually, Americans call it Soccer and the British call it Football. However, they can be used side by side.

Adults as well as children enjoy playing it as well as watching it. There is a trend to go on Soccer games and watch it. Players like Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham, and many others are liked by many people worldwide.

Children look up to them as their heroes and consider them no less than role models. Such personalities have been able to create a lot of interest in sports among people.

Premier League is the most famous football league of today, formed in England in 1992. It consists of 20 competing teams from Wales and England. Manchester United is one of the most top teams of the Premier League.

US Youth Soccer is a non-profit organisation that helps young players and provides them with resources to move forward in the field.

This article mentions the pros and cons of soccer that you should know.

Pros Of Soccer

1. Soccer is a Team Sport

For playing soccer, you will need a team of players along with a coach to guide you. Generally, working in a team aids in improving your communication skills.

Being in a team helps you understand different personalities of people and makes you find the middle ground and work towards achieving you goal as a team.

Being a Team player will be beneficial for you throughout your life. Whenever in future you are to work in a corporate organisation, you will realise the benefit team work brings you and to your organisation.

Team work teaches you leadership skills, better ways of communication, being accountable , and brings you self-esteem.

Research has shown that people who play team sports do better in life than others. They exhibit traits that prove to be very beneficial for them.

2. Soccer Improves Physical Fitness

As a strenuous physical sport, soccer is really good in terms of maintaining your physical fitness. During practice or even during a match, the players sweat so much which clearly shows the physical effort put into playing the game.

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Even if you are a recreational soccer player, you will need to put effort in playing it.

There is a term used when you are to use most of your body parts and muscles up to a certain time period on a high intensity, called cardiovascular endurance.

Playing soccer improves your cardiovascular endurance due to the fact that running and putting pressure on your legs while kicking the ball makes your body take a lot of different directions.

Your diet also plays an important part here. You have to take proper nutritious meals in order to maintain your physical fitness.

Even if you want to lose weight, playing soccer will make it very easy for you to do so. Only thing to keep in mind is that you need to have the proper intensity it requires and you have to be consistent with it!

Young athletes of today are very careful about their fitness.

3. Soccer Gives You Benefits of Health

When your body is physically fit, you feel mentally fit as well. Soccer uses a lot of energy and it a great exercise for your body.

Soccer is an outdoor sport, hence, you get a lot of fresh air and sunlight which is healthy for the body.

After playing soccer and having a good long bath, your body feels really good and your mind feels satisfied as well.

The adrenaline rush you get during the game releases stress and makes your mind feel relaxed and calmed. Playing soccer releases the happy hormone, endorphin. It boosts up your mood and aids in having a happy life.

Having to socialise with your team players and coach also keeps your mental health intact and at peace.

4. Your Reaction Time and Reflexes get Better

One of the most renowned sports channels is ESPN which ranks soccer as the world’s 3rd most difficult sport. This is so because for playing soccer, one must have a number of skills.

Skills to be good at soccer include speed, analytics, and a good hand-eye coordination. These are an important part of playing soccer and they encourage better reaction times and reflexes.

Soccer is a very active sport. You need to move at the perfect time, have a good grip on the ball, you should be able to analyse the games well; all these things will support you in becoming a good soccer player.

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Being good at reflexes and reaction time helps you in your everyday life. Daily generic conversations, driving, certain jobs, and so on, all of these everyday things require you to have a good reaction time.

Moreover, having good a reflex to things helps you stay safe.

5. Soccer Increases Morale

Playing with a team gets you a lot of encouragement and motivation. The more you practice, the more amazing you will be at soccer. When people will cheer for you and encourage you, you will gain a lot of confidence and it will increase your morale.

When you start believing in yourself and your capabilities, you feel good about yourself. Hormones like endorphins and dopamine will increase and you will lead a healthier lifestyle.

Cons of Soccer

1. Soccer is Injurious

As soccer is a fast physical sport, getting an injury is very common. You do not know when it will happen, but it is bound to happen one day or another.

The soccer ball is a normal ball but hits hard!

The problem is that sometimes the injury is a minor one and you do not have to worry about it. But, sometimes the injury is so serious and bad that players who play soccer to earn money, end up with a destroyed career.

Players can also die while playing soccer when they exert themselves to a point of getting a cardiac arrest. Many players have lost their lives because of soccer.

You do not know what kind of an injury could happen to you, some injuries are incurable that can result you a lifetime in bed.

Injuries include ankle sprains, bruises, and even a concussion.

2. Costs You a lot of Time and Commitment

If you plan on playing soccer and making a career, you need a lot of time and commitment for it to happen. You need to have the required skills in order to do well in it.

You can earn a lot of money in this field but the competition is really tough. Soccer is a popular sport in the United States which makes it really hard for you to be a professional in it.

It is a famous youth sport which is why there is a lot of competition when you are trying to make a career in it.

3. Teammate Trouble

As a team, you are with each other in other places too, apart from the ground. Therefore, there is a high chance of argument between the teammates leading to trouble.

There may be disagreements, blame-games, or something said that should not have been said. This leads to the teammates fighting and damaging the decorum of the team.

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Especially, when you are in your training phase, there is a lot of roasting done by your teammates. That sure is disturbing and demotivating but you have to get through it.

You should have the patience to tolerate things like these and try to become a good team player but sometimes things can go overboard too and then one ends up losing it.

4. A Physical Sport Needs a lot of Strength

Soccer is a physical sport which is played outdoors. This kind of physical activity needs you to be active, have a lot of strength, all in all, be physically fit in order to do well.

Physical sports and tiring as well as harsh between matches. Your muscles get sore, your body gets stiff, and you even get bruised a lot. You can even lose your teeth and that does not make you look nice at all!

If you are a person who does not enjoy exercise and does not like being physically fit, then you should not play soccer for something other than fun. It is not necessary for to suffer the excruciating pain it causes.

5. Personal Life is Interrupted

When you will give all the time and effort to playing and learning soccer, your personal life will be missed out.

If you are a player who has a lot of interest and enthusiasm towards soccer, you will want to use all the free time pursuing it. It can have a negative impact on your relationships, job, health, etc.

If you take soccer as your hobby but you enjoy it more than anything else in the world, then it is a huge problem. You need to focus on your job, your family, and make room for other hobbies as well.


Playing sports is a great way of exercise, it releases good hormones and boosts up your mood. If you want to start playing soccer for whatever reasons, you should consider the pros and cons of it and make your decision wisely.

The cons mentioned in the article are not something to get scared of, instead, you should buckle up and take the precautionary measures in order to avoid the disadvantages.

Anyways, nothing is important than your health. You should keep your health as your first priority and listen to what it tells you.

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