10 Cutest Colorful Birds You Can Find In America!

Nature is a beauty that nobody can ever get tired of. The beauty of the birds is very captivating to our eyes and we can not help but admire them.

When we look at them, we may recognize some and some may be new to us.

This article contains some of the most admirable colorful birds found in America. There are more than these, of course!

These birds are beautiful and because of their unique colours and features, they definitely stand out in the crowd.

1. BlueBirds

A combination of beautiful blue hues, bluebirds are very pleasant to the eyes!

They have three species; Eastern bluebirds, Western bluebirds, and the Mountain bluebirds.

1.1 Eastern Bluebird

The eastern bluebird has a contrast of orange with the blue in it. As the name suggests, eastern bluebirds are found in the eastern and central states of America.

The bluebirds love to make nests in the birdhouse.

For food, eastern bluebirds feed on mealworms (if available), other than that they majorly feed on insects, fruits, and wild berries.

1.2 Western Bluebird

These birds are also not purely blue, with a hint of orange. They have a bright blue color all over and only the chest part is orangish. Both, Eastern and Western bluebirds look very similar.

Western bluebirds are mainly found at the border of Mexico and the west coast surrounding it.

These birds feed on the same things that eastern and mountain bluebirds feed on.

1.3 Mountain Bluebird

Mountain bluebirds are only found up high in the mountainous regions of Upper Mexico and even in Canada.

These birds are mostly males which is why they do not have the orangish breasts and are mainly turquoise and sky blue colored.

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They also feed on the same things as the eastern and western bluebirds.

2. Northern Cardinal

A northern cardinal is one of the most mesmerising birds in America. If you are outdoors, you can not control but catch the north cardinal in the sky.

In the cardinal birds, the female is mostly a reddish olive in colour and the male birds have a vibrant red colour.

This bird is found in almost half the states of America like Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, and many others.

The northern cardinals usually feed on fruits and insects. Moreover, they mainly live on woodlands, wetlands, gardens, and shrub lands.

3. Cedar Waxwing

A bird that has a black mask wrapped around his head is a cedar waxwing bird. It can be easily recognisable through its distinctive mask.

Moreover, these birds also feed on insects, fruits, and berries.

Apart from its black mask, it is also known for its wax wing tips.

Their habitat is any place that is a part of a wooded area, especially forests with berries and source of water.

4. Barn Swallow

From its name, barn swallows are known for building nests in barns, sheds, underneath bridges, and other structures that are man-made.

Surprisingly, these birds have a unique figure. They are of a beautiful blue shade with all over with a white belly and a deep pointed tail.

They prefer to reside in areas with low vegetation such as meadows and farmlands with access to water.

These are widely spread across America and a lot of Canada too.

5. Elegant Trogon

The elegant trogons are unique birds which are rarely found in the United States. Their habitat consists of pine oak woodlands which has a source of water.

About their appearance, the male trogon has a deep metallic green head with orangish belly. While the female trogon has a bronzy metallic head with a dull white belly. Has a hint of a white stripe beside the eyes too.

6. Painted Bunting

These birds are of rainbow colours and hence, can be recognised from far because of their bright colours. The male bird is often rainbow-coloured and the female bird is usually of a vivid greenish yellow colour.

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A painted bunting is native to North America.

They live in woodland edges, thickets, shrubbery and bushy areas. Painted buntings feed on seeds, spiders, snails, insects, and caterpillars.

7. Great Blue Heron

This is a beautiful bird that is mainly found in wetlands and the shores of open water. These birds float on the edge of the water and look absolutely regal and majestic.

They usually feed on fish and frogs striking them really quickly.

The blue herons have a grey body with a hint of blue and white, head is pale and the face is white. The male herons are larger than the female herons.

One thing that is not liked about the heron is it’s quack. The sound is very rough and antique.

8. American Avocet

An American avocet is a white and black bird with a round small head. It has long greyish blue legs with webbed feet. They appear to be very graceful.

Their habitat consists of beaches, marshes, ponds, and shallow lakes in almost every state of America.

While looking for food, avocets swish their bills forward and backwards in the water in a particular way which is known as scything.

9. Jays

Jays are the birds that have 10 species found in America. They are renown as colourful, noisy, and territorial to an extent. The major 3 species of Jays are mentioned below.

9.1 Blue Jay

A blue jay is a bird that would look very pretty and colourful in your backyard. Blue jays are said to feed on other bird eggs along with insects, seeds, nuts, and berries.

Blue jay is of a pretty blue colour with black stripes on the feathers and a black U-shaped collar on the neck.

Furthermore, Blue jays also like to mimic other birds and hawks. They do it to alert the others of danger coming their way or maybe to scare the them away. They are known aggressive birds too!

9.2 Stellar’s Jay

A stellar jay is a bird which is mainly found in the mountainous regions. Stellar Jays are also aggressive birds that rob other nests. They have longer legs and a leaner bill than a blue jay.

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These birds feed on seeds, nuts, berries, and other fruit. As they are omnivores, they also feed on small lizards and snakes.

9.3 Green Jay

Green jays are eye-catching birds that have beautiful feathers of shades of green. They are majorly found in Mexico and South America.

The green jays are omnivore birds, they feed on arthropods, vertebrates, seeds, and fruits.

10. Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers have more than 20 different species in North America. There is absolutely no one who has not ever heard of a woodpecker.

The woodpeckers are unique and have intricate patterns of dots and stripes. Here are some of the most famous woodpeckers:

10.1 Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

A male yellow-bellied sapsucker has a bright red coloured forehead, and the female has a lighter red forehead. The throat and chin of the male bird is red in colour and white of the female bird.

Their habitat consists of forests, open woodland, large pasture trees, clearings, and suburban areas.

These birds feed on arthropods, tree sap, fruits, and nuts. They also have insects and spiders from the trees in their diet.

10.2 Northern Flicker

A northern flicker is not a very colourful bird but is very uniquely designed. The pop of colour that they have is seen under their wings and tail when they are flying.

They are relatively larger in size than the other mentioned birds. They have spotted breasts and multi coloured heads which make them stand out from others.

They diet includes fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, and often catch insects in flight. They also eat flies, butterflies, moths, beetles, and snails.

10.3 Red-Headed Woodpecker

These birds are seen at the suet feeders in winter time. These birds have a white belly, a lack tail and back, and a red head.

Both the sexes are identical and have no distinctive feature.

They diet mainly consists on insects, seeds, fruits, berries, nuts, and small rodents.

Red-headed woodpeckers are rarely seen now because their population is declining.

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