6 Ways To Natural Teeth Whitening

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Smile is the best thing anyone could ever wear! When we smile, our teeth are the first thing that appear and make a favorable impression of us on the world. This is why we all are very conscious about how our teeth look. Also, teeth should be healthy from the inside in order to look good from the outside.

However, mainly because of our eating habits, the color of our teeth tends to change with time and our teeth start to turn pale and yellow. With age, teeth do change color and that is normal. The outer enamel starts to wear away which makes the underneath lying yellow dentin become more prominent.

Dentin is a layer which is beneath the layer of outside enamel. Anyhow, whatever the reason, no one likes their teeth yellow and wants to whiten teeth.

There are two ways you can whiten your teeth; first is that you get professional teeth whitening procedures done (cosmetic dentistry), and second is that you try natural ways to whiten your teeth. It is pretty obvious that professional treatments will cost you a lot more than natural remedies.

What is Natural Teeth Whitening? 

Natural teeth whitening is a way to get rid of pale-yellow teeth using natural ingredients instead of artificial ones. There are natural teeth whitening methods that forgo the chemical bleaching solutions that are present in the whitening products.

One should never rely on these whitening factory-manufactured products (whitening toothpaste) because you never know what kind of chemicals are used in the making of these products. These chemicals bring harm to you, instead of whiter teeth. It may not be evident at the time of use, but the damage will occur slowly and gradually.

Considering the options available, natural ways are the best and are safe to use until and unless you are allergic to something. Natural food acids used as scrubbing mediums are great for teeth whitening. As well as the use of charcoal and baking soda.

Also, it is very important to go to your dentist first to ensure that your teeth are not facing other issues like tooth diseases or any other kind of damage. After that, you can start doing natural remedies to get rid of yellow teeth.

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6 Natural Teeth Whitening Methods 

1. Use of Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of health benefits. People who are fitness freaks definitely have apple cider vinegar as part of their routines because of its amazing benefits. It has healing properties by which I mean that the probiotic properties it contains bring about great health benefits. Apple cider vinegar can even be used as an ingredient in natural shampoo.

Generally, apple cider vinegar has a very bitter taste as well as an extremely strong smell. Not everyone is capable of bearing it. Because it is very acidic, it can dissolve the tooth enamel which can lead to tooth decay.

Whether you consume apple cider vinegar by your mouth or whether it is produced inside you through the breakdown of sugar, it ends up dissolving the tooth enamel when it is present in good quantity in your body.

As mentioned above, apple cider vinegar is very acidic and hence, it helps in the breakdown of plaque and any other stubborn substances that might be on the teeth. The pH level of the apple cider vinegar also aids in the removal of any stains on your teeth which eventually makes them turn white and they look brighter and cleaner.

One fast and easy way to make whitening paste at home is to mix two units of apple cider vinegar with one unit of baking soda. More on baking soda later!

2. Use of Fruits and Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are absolutely healthy for us and we should make them an essential part of our diet. They contain natural acids that can be used in several ways to get the plaque off your teeth. 

Lemons and strawberries are best to use as crunchy scrubs mixed with sugar. Pineapples and papayas are fruits that contain enzymes in them which are very effective in terms of making your teeth stainless.

The enzymes present in these fruits are called papain and bromelain which are widely used in the making of toothpastes as well. They work towards loosening the plaque from the teeth. Plaque is the actual problem that causes discoloration on your teeth.

However, these methods are not proven with evidence and they do not show instant results. For these to work, you have to be religious and consistent in using them.

Moreover, eating fruits and vegetables in your routine life will ensure good health for your teeth. Your teeth will be white and look fresh and clean. Studies have been carried out which show the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

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For example, eating an apple regularly helps to counter the decay of your teeth as it releases good bacteria in your mouth. This good bacteria helps to keep your teeth in good shape and stays in your mouth until and unless you brush your teeth.

3. Use of Charcoal 

Charcoal is an upcoming essential in the beauty regimes of everyone. It has excellent antioxidant properties that benefit the user in many ways. It claims to remove and eliminate any toxins present in your body. Plus, it is considered a great natural teeth whitening product.

Using activated charcoal at home can be very harsh on yourself. You have to be careful while using it, and you can not use it regularly. Or else the charcoal will expose the darker dentin layer by rubbing off the enamel layer.

That will just bring you to square one where you will have darker teeth. You can also get charcoal toothpaste at stores near you.

4. Oil Pulling 

The use of coconut oil for teeth whitening is another great natural option available to you. It has a distinctive fatty acid structure that boosts metabolism. Along with that, it has amazing hydrating properties.

Oil pulling goes long back as a practice of Ayurvedic medicine. It is an ancient Indian method that includes the swishing of oil, mostly coconut oil, around your mouth and between the teeth too. It is just like using mouthwash for 15 to 20 minutes three times a day. Brushing your teeth is a separate matter and has to be done regularly.

The purpose of this technique is to enhance your teeth health by preventing tooth decay. It promotes good bacteria in the mouth and also reduces inflammation in the gum tissues.

The method of oil pulling is safe and effective when you are consistent. Gradually, it will whiten your teeth by removing teeth discoloration, and even work on tooth sensitivity.

Remember to spit the oil in the trash can and not in your sink or else you will clog it.

5. Use of Baking Soda 

You will easily find baking soda in your kitchen. It is actually more readily available than activated charcoal. It is much less harsh than charcoal and has been very famous for whitening the teeth naturally.. 

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Baking soda is a natural remedy that has been used as a scrub for the longest time now as it is mild and contains an alkaline compound. This helps in removing any stains from your teeth and also promotes a good mouth environment. One easy tip given by Healthline is to mix one tsp of baking soda with 2 tsps. of water for brushing your teeth.

Toothpaste that contains baking soda is easily available in the market, but you can also make your own toothpaste at home. It is as easy as mixing the baking soda powder with water. Factory-manufactured toothpastes contain fluoride which is good enough to prevent cavities.

Never add any fruit to the baking soda as it will only get abrasive because baking soda neutralizes the fruit acids which will make adding fruits useless. 

6. Make Some Dietary Changes 

So, it is what we eat that causes teeth damage. This is why it is important to make some dietary changes so that your teeth do not turn yellow and do not face any other teeth issues.

One should try and eliminate food and drinks that stain the teeth. Food and drinks that contain tannins can stain the teeth. These include wine and tea. Coffee, fizzy drinks, and juices may also result in stains on the teeth.

Similarly, acidic food makes teeth turn yellow because they wear off the enamel through which the layer beneath is exposed.

Furthermore, people who are really conscious about the discoloration of their teeth should consider avoiding excessive intake of coffee, citrus, and soda. Brushing your teeth after consuming these things can also help prevent the yellowing of teeth.

Dentists recommend waiting for about 30 minutes after eating before you brush your teeth. It keeps the teeth healthy and you can give a brighter smile. Brushing immediately after eating can cause damage to your teeth as these things contain acids that can weaken the enamel.

Smoking or consuming tobacco in any form is also harmful to the teeth. Try quitting them as the nicotine present in these products leaves very bad teeth stains which stay there forever. When you quit it, it will help prevent tooth decay and any potential gum disease.

These things cause damage to the enamel and even result in oral health problems. If you continue having nicotine products, you will need dental implants pretty soon!

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